101 Things To Do While Staying At Home

101 Things To Do While Staying At Home

Hi guys, I hope you’re all well, and staying safe. As life is now about staying at home (although it’s not a great deal different for me), so I thought I’d share a list of ideas to fill time. It’s not an instructional or promotional post, just a lighthearted one with a view to keeping busy. We can get through this crazy, scary time, especially if we stick together, aim to be positive and keep occupied, whilst staying safe at home. Now let’s crack on…as there’s 101!

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101 Things To Do Whilst Staying At Home – (Lockdown 2020)


  1. Spring clean the house (obvious)
  2. Make a patio/garden a nice space to be (if you have one)
  3. Have a clothing try on and sort out, putting aside items you don’t wear/want for charity
  4. Tidy that kitchen drawer (yes..you know the one!)
  5. Hoover the car out (if you have one)
  6. Sew any holes, loose buttons on clothing
  7. Watch some of your favourite movies back to back in one day
  8. Rearrange the furniture in a room you spend a lot of time in
  9. Go through your bag/purse and chuck all those old receipts out
  10. Read a book you’ve wanted to read for a while
  11. Have a spa session – the full works
  12. Sort out the photos on your phone into folders so they’re easier to find
  13. Make a bucket list of achievable things you want to do in the (not too distant), future
  14. Clean your makeup bags
  15. Sort out shoes and sandals ready for summer, cleaning up ones that need a refresh
  16. Brighten up a room or hallway with a lick of paint
  17. Sort out those food cupboards and get rid of out of date tins/packets etc.
  18. Learn a language online
  19. Draw/paint a picture
  20. Catch up on podcasts you love
  21. Clean your windows inside (and outside if you can, safely)
  22. Back up your computer
  23. Sort out your phone contacts/address book
  24. Make some mood playlists
  25. Sort out the cutlery drawer (they always get in a mess)
  26. Go through your jewellery pieces aside those you don’t want/wear, to give away or sell
  27. Have a long soak in a relaxing bath..then get an early night
  28. Write a letter to your younger self
  29. Do a puzzle/crossword/word search, or similar, to get that brain working
  30. Try out different hairstyles 
  31. Put on some tunes and dance around the room like you mean it
  32. Groom the dog (if you have one)
  33. Sort out all the forgotten stuff on top of the wardrobe
  34. Meditate..even if only for a few minutes a day
  35. Try a different form of exercise to what you’re used to
  36. Clean all the pots, pans and roasting trays 
  37. Prep some meals for the fridge and freezer
  38. Get in touch with an old friend, either by phone, online or.. put pen to paper and write them a nice letter
  39. Sort out your emails, junk folders and subscriptions
  40. Start a journal (if you haven’t already)
  41. Create summer and winter style mood boards of fashion and accessories you like
  42. Wash curtains/blinds to freshen up your home
  43. Sort out your website favourites pages
  44. Give yourself a facial massage
  45. Make a list of things that make you happy
  46. Go for a walk in a nearby park, green or beach (remember no travelling, plus social distancing), and really take in all the sounds, sights and smells around you
  47. Get up an hour earlier and do some stretches and deep breathing
  48. Try some eyeshadows/lipsticks you wouldn’t normally wear
  49. Sort out any paperwork/bills etc. 
  50. Have a healthy food day and avoid all carbs and sweet treats
  51. Give yourself a manicure/pedicure
  52. Spruce up your office workspace and desk
  53. Write a letter to your older self
  54. Clean all the mirrors in your home
  55. Sort out your Pinterest page (if you have one)
  56. Go through your skincare products and check they’re not out of date (if so, get rid and recycle the empties)
  57. Have a long lie in…luxuriate in relaxation
  58. Save/write a list of inspirational quotes you love
  59. Sing along to your favourite song with the volume up high
  60. Sort out the linen cupboard, list things you need/want to purchase
  61. Lie outside and watch the clouds drift by (on a nice day of course)
  62. Play a musical instrument you haven’t picked up in years
  63. Tidy the cupboard under the stairs.. and the garage (if you have either/both) 
  64. Spend a day online window shopping, making a list of things you really want to buy, stopping for a nice coffee and a bite to eat, like you would in town
  65. Dedicate an entire day to having fun with your kids, or pets
  66. Rub down an old piece of wood furniture, then paint/varnish as an upcycle project
  67. Play a game you haven’t for years, like Hopscotch, Twang, Yo-yo, I-spy, Scrabble, Snakes and Ladders etc.
  68. Make a list of recipes you want to cook but feel scared to try
  69. Sort out your books, blu-rays, CDs/vinyl etc (anything you don’t want..yup, recycling)
  70. Learn how to work your camera properly (if you need to)
  71. Practice doing winged liner, or a smokey eye
  72. Clean your makeup brushes and throw out ones that have seen better days
  73. Go through all towels and bed linen, sort old ones for recycling
  74. Defrost and clean the fridge/freezer
  75. Try a new herbal tea/matcha/coffee
  76. Massage your feet really well before bed (it has so many health benefits)
  77. Cook a meal you’ve not yet tried but really want to
  78. Trim up plants/bushes in the garden, and clean up pots ready for summer 
  79. Write a list of places you want to travel to in the future
  80. Clean the connection port on your mobile phone
  81. Sort out any underbed storage that needs a tidy
  82. Have a family quiz night, or with friends online
  83. Go through burned down candles, recycle the wax (if poss), and clean the jars for storage
  84. Wash the skirting boards all round your home
  85. Sort out/make a first aid kit for the home (and the car, if you have one)
  86. Have a date night, with yourself if you’re single
  87. Experiment with different overnight oats and chia pots recipes 
  88. Bake a cake and go all out with some fancy decorating
  89. Clean your hairbrushes
  90. Have a cocktail/mocktail night 
  91. Make a list of things you love in your life, and things you want to change
  92. Test out all your perfumes, store away those that aren’t floating your boat until another day
  93. Dust and water your houseplants
  94. Clean your favourite jewellery pieces 
  95. Write a letter to an Ex or friend you fell out with, then burn it (just get sh*t off your chest)
  96. Dry body brush before a morning shower, to invigorate you for the day ahead
  97. Order up some pretty stationery to brighten your mood
  98. Check if all your bras fit well, if not, bag up to recycle and measure up for some pretty newbies
  99. Hunt down new fun/productivity apps for your phone/pad
  100. Buy a colouring book, pencils and destress with some artistic zen 
  101. Find all those single socks and pair them up, so they’ll be happy…and so will you!


Hope some of these ideas help whilst spending days at home. Stay safe everyone!


Heidi x


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