3INA Makeup – Fun Fluorescent UV Range

When it comes to playing with makeup, 3INA’s new UV Fluoro collection is a real treat, and ideal for festivals and bold party looks under UV lighting. I just wish there was a funky range like this, when I was younger and hitting the clubs. These fluorescent formulations appear one colour in normal light, and a different, more vibrant colour in UV light. Maybe not for everyone, but popular for the young/young at heart, who love experimenting with looks and keeping makeup fun. I have a few pieces to share with you that I love, yes, even at my age! Makeup is all about having fun after all, and these are ideal for daywear, but transform to exciting looks for night time.

3INA (pronounced mee-nah), are a modern and fun cosmetics brand manufactured in Europe, with a flagship store in Convent Garden, London. The products have affordable price tags, and thankfully, are also cruelty free. They seem to be launching new products every month, adding to their already vast range, and look set to take the makeup world by storm. I hear their foundations have around 18 different shades. MINA formulations are densely pigmented and offer a wide range of product formulations to choose from, many for under £10, the latest additions being a fun UV collection. 

3INA Fluoro Eye Pencil – £8-95

This eyeliner pencil comes in black, or so it appears in normal lighting. Get in under UV light and it transforms to a vibrant, neon indigo blue. The formula is soft and easy to apply, providing fabulous pigment with smudge-proof, long lasting wear.

You can see in the image above, using a UV torch, the vibrant transformation from black to neon blue.

3INA Fluoro Cream Eyeshadow – £10.95

There are 3 shades available in the fluoro shadow range, and the one I have been playing with, and love, is 402 Pink. Shades of pink look fab on lids, enabling the eye colour to pop. This has a creamy formula, yet dries down to be ultra long wearing. I have crepey lids as you will see later in my images, and as it dried, it did crack a little, so I would suggest using a primer to enable a smoother appearance. However, I did find it stayed put for hours and with no fall-off or colour fade, and I love the vibrancy it provides.

Below, you can see in the images that the shadow colour is a warm, peachy pink in normal light, and is complemented by the black liner. Once under UV light, it transforms into a vibrant magenta shade, and goes well with liner that changes to a pretty neon blue.

I don’t have much base left on my skin in the images below as it was a really humid day while I was trying this look out. However, the MINA formulas lasted really well, and right through the evening. The shadows contain long-stay pigment with their magnetic cream formulas, making them humidity and party proof. These would be fab for holiday nights out with friends.

I used a MAC lipstick in a vibrant pink shade to correspond with the shadow, as it helped make it stand out. I would be really happy to wear this look out for future parties, and the only downside? Is that the products make me crave my good old raving and clubbing days, basically where the inspiration for the range came from.

There are 3 fluoro lip glosses that contain hydrating oils, plus a silky multi colour glowing face palette, all available within the UV range too!

3INA Fluoro Top Coat – £6-95

There are 3 fluoro nail colours available in the range, but this awesome topcoat allows you freedom of choice for your manis/pedis. If you need to have bare nails for work, or other reasons, this topcoat lights up to a fluorescent white under UV light. Yet on any coloured nail lacquer, it completely changes the tone and vibrancy, making your talons really stand out. I love this, and can imagine it being a popular choice for any age.

Below, I have shown a vibrant summer shade along with a strong dark nail colour, showing how amazing the colour change is using the UV torch. This topcoat gives a fab glossy finish, transforming either bare nails, or fingers/toes colour, into amazing vibrant shades in UV lighting.

I think this brand certainly deserves checking out, especially the fab UV collection. It will completely transform your day-to-night looks, without even changing your makeup. The possibilities are endless, as these products could also be used for creating designs on the face and body. So, if you have festivals tickets for the summer, or love to stand out when clubbing at home or on holiday, then these fun, affordable products are definitely your bag!

Find these and more from the range at 3INA and also available at ASOS. #turnonthenight


Heidi x


*pr samples




    • 21st July 2017 / 9:12 pm

      Haha, I’m past my clubbing day but would of loved these!I don’t mind wearing for the odd party though, new brand to me but impressed so far.
      H x

  1. Tania
    29th July 2017 / 6:55 pm

    I love how the top coat changes the shade of any nail polish! The eyeshadow shade is so pretty. I’m not able to be under UV light because of my photosensitivity, but I would totally use these for their standard shades! Xx

    Tania | When Tania Talks

    • 1st August 2017 / 5:58 pm

      Ah yes the topcoat is fabulous on different nail shades. It gives a slight difference in sun light, but not like UV bulbs. Oh yes, they have a good range and I love their prices, especially being cruelty free too!
      H x

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