A Little Bobbi Brown Love & Fab Offer!

Hi guys, you probably already know I’m a huge Bobbi Brown fan, and after receiving an email, I wanted to share this snippet of fab news with you in a quick post.

First off, I want to apologise for lack of blog posts over the last few months. As I am really struggling with post- menopausal symptoms and treatment, it is affecting my physical and my mental wellbeing, and my everyday life. I’m on my 6th lot of different HRT and having Fibromyalgia (which is affected by/affects hormones), it’s sure as hell not easy. I hope to be back in action as soon I can, but for now, I want to share something with you from one of my fave brands…

Bobbi Brown – a brand that I continue to use every, single, day! Wether it be the fabulous makeup or beautiful skincare, I continue to buy and use the products constantly. I have more of BB makeup in my stash than any other brand, and have done for many years. The products and colours are never OTT, and the formulations are easy to apply and long lasting. Even though I get sensitivities, the products never irritate my skin or eyes, and I love that I can create so many different looks, be it a softer one for day, or by vamping it up for night or a special occasion.

I love using the skincare range too and am slowly adding more products to my collection, with a few must-have products on repeat purchase. Their long-wear eye makeup remover is simply a must-have for me, along with the gorgeous cleansing balm (amazing for an evening double cleanse), plus one of my #cantlivewithout products, the Vitamin Enriched Face Base, which hydrates my skin well and works as an excellent priming base to apply makeup. The oils in these products work in such synergy with my skin and are so aromatherapeutic too!

Bobbi Brown offers a vast range of products for all ages, all skin types and colours, including several fabulous foundation formulas in huge range of shades, along with an array of long-wear eye and lip colours. They constantly update/change palette combinations, whilst improving formulas and producing innovative new products. The colours and pigments are fabulous, plus the range allows you to look like a better version of yourself, without completing a 20-stage makeup marathon every day.

If you get the chance to grab minitures or trial sizes, I highly recommend them for holidays and on-the-go, so keep your eyes peeled for minis within sets, along with samples to add to your orders!

The Crushed Lip formula is one of my faves!

Once again, I’m sorry for the lack of blog posts due to my health recently, but I have plenty of posts coming up for Autumn. There is beauty, plus more style along with wellness posts lined up. I’m hoping our holiday in a couple of weeks of time (plus different HRT), will do me good, and I can return refreshed and rearing to go! I will probably won’t post again until I return from hols, so for now, check out the fab offer below and go fill your Bobbi boots!

Enjoy 20% off EVERYTHING and FREE delivery by heading over to the ‘End of Summer Offer at Bobbi Brown! Hurry..this offer ends at the stroke of midnight on Thursday, 30th August 2018!!




Heidi x




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