Aroma Works Nurture Candle Gift Idea

Being a real candle fanatic and burning ones made with beautiful oil blends, I want to share an Aroma Works ‘Nurture’ candle gift idea, from their luxury range. This would make a super Christmas pressie for someone who needs a lift or, one to yourself to improve your mood after a stressy day (you know the ones..) and to fill a room with beautiful, natural scent.


A bit about the brand – Aroma Works was launched in 2009 with their 100% essential oil candle range. Their founder, Jane Hibbert, had such a passion for aromatherapy as a teen that she spent her pocket money on essential oils and experimented with them. Such a lovely story, especially as I have a similar passion about oils and the effect they can have on the mind, body and skin.

Since then, the brand have grown and not only still provide the market with luxury aromatherapy candles, but in 2014 launched their skincare range using essential oils and ethically sourced ingredients, to work on a molecular level within the skin. Their products are free from parabens, sulphates, petrochemicals, mineral oils, nuts and gluten. Plus they are against animal cruelty, are vegan friendly and their products are safe for use during pregnancy.

Quote from Aroma Works website – “With the exception of our exotic 100% natural essential oils, which are sourced ethically from their native lands, all our products are produced by us in our own factory close to our home in the UK, enabling us to keep a close eye on production, and ensure that throughout the supply chain our products live up to our high ethical standards.”

Aroma Works ‘Nurture’ Candle (1 wick 30cl)

This beautifully uplifting candle is made with the finest beeswax and soy and 100% essential oils. The Nurture candle has main essential oils of May Chang, Sandlewood and Roman Chamomile. May Chang was one of my favourite oils as an aromatherapist as it is so uplifting, being a member of the citrus top notes. When blended with these other oils, it omits an uplifting yet soothing fragrance that is not overpowering but very gentle. It is great in medium-large room filling it with a subtle sweet and citrus aroma and I find it’s a great one to burn in order to rid mental stresses and keep the spirits lifted, especially after ‘one of those days’. No need to worry about sickly sweet fragrance though as, the Roman Chamomile and Sandalwood take it that deeper level.


An Aroma Works’ candle comes in one of their lovely boxes complete with a little guide on burning/care for your candle inside. As soon as the lid is lifted of a quality aromatherapy candle, you get a hit of what kind of treat you are in for, and when I opened this I felt I couldn’t wait to light it (photos taken first of course). I kept smelling just above the box as for me, I seem to need more uplifting aromas after having poorly spells with many bad headaches recently.


This one wick 30cl candle is quoted as having a burn time of 36 hours. I have burnt mine for around 19-20 hours already and, it is half way down which, seems that burn time will be right as, you always burn down to about half an inch at the bottom of the jar. i have loved this blend and am now interested to delve deeper into the brand and their products.

The Aroma Works ‘Nurture’ Candle can be purchased HERE for £32 for the 30cl size, a good price for a 100% essential oil candle. Check out their other gorgeous candle blends for some fab Christmas gift ideas.


Are you an Aroma Works fan and I ‘d love to know what your fave products/candles are from the range?


Heidi x

*Post contains brand sample






    • 6th November 2015 / 11:25 am

      Hi Steph, thanks for stopping by. I find this sweet but gentle and also grounding, fab to lift and make you feel ‘good’. Let me know if you try one :)
      Heidi x

  1. 8th November 2015 / 5:31 pm

    Sounds gorgeous! I’m a fan of their toner it’s lush! x

    • 9th November 2015 / 1:45 pm

      Hi Sandra, I’ve not tried that but looks to be a gorgeous brand with a fab story. Love this candle, so uplifting and gentle.
      Heidi x

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