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I am sure some of you know I used practice in aromatherapy, along with beauty therapy,. Although I do not practice anymore, I still swear by using essential oils as part of my aromatherapy self care. I love using Tisserand products, and after enjoying creating blends using some of their newly packaged essential oils, I thought I would share some with you.

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Aromatherapy is helpful for so many health ailments, altering moods and the collection I have below, enable blends for relaxation, muscle pain, low mood, headaches, colds, IBS and immune issues. All these work well for my different needs having chronic pain illness, and having worked as a professional therapist, I strongly believe in the power of essential oils for everyone, when it comes to wellbeing.

Check out some of the oils I like to use and what benefits they may have for health.

Tisserand Pure Essential Oils  – 9ml each( ranging from around £3 to £155 depending on the oil)

Rosemary ~ Rosmarinus Officinalis : A strong herby scented oil that invigorates the mind, helps muscle cramps, headaches and eases digestive problems. A really good oil for rheumatic/arthritic pain in the joints, as it is warming and can help reduce inflammation.

Lavender (true) ~ Lavendula Augustifolia/Officinalis : This middle note with a floral and herby fragrance is an essential in any aromatherapists kit, as well as being a failsafe oil in the home. It blends well with many other oils, working well to help calm, lower blood pressure and help induce sleep. Good as a muscle relaxant and anti-rheumatic, so great for those of you like myself with chronic pain. Lavender can offer relief of pain with headaches, migraine and muscle cramps (including painful periods). it cleanses the liver and can be used to treat sickness, plus it is good for treating skin conditions, including burns.

I like to blend Lavender with Rosemary and Chamomile, then add a couple of drops of a citrus oil, to use for a back/neck/shoulder massage. This aids relaxation for those tight latissimus dorsi muscles, helping to ease tension in the shoulders and headaches. A citrus oil will keep the blend light and balanced, plus it helps as a mood lifter and clears the head.

Orange ~ Citrus Sinensis A light, reviving aroma that balances body temperature, helps calms IBS symptoms. Eases painful muscles and helps the body rid toxins. Caution ; can cause photosensitivity if applied before going out in the sun.

Lemon ~ Citrus Limonum : Fresh, clean and uplifting, this helps fight infections such as colds and flu (great for clearing the sinuses), improves circulation, and good for balancing mood. Lemon also clears a stuffy head and can help muscle tension.

May Chang ~ Litsea Cubeba : This is one of my all-time fave essential oils for its scent. A sweet citrus with a lemon hint that it is truly uplifting. Good for improving a low mood and treating anxiety/depression, helpful for indigestion and flatulence, and also works as an insect repellant. Helps improve the circulation, PMT symptoms, plus helps fight bronchial infections.

These citrus oils are all beneficial for tiredness, low mood and depression. A good tip is to add a couple of drops to a body lotion for an all over application post morning shower, helping to lift the spirit. I like to blend any one or all of these with Lavender or Chamomile to help relaxation, tight muscles, and to generally detox and protect the body.

If you do not wish to massage with essential oils, burning them in a diffuser will work well for emotional needs. Add a few drops to some water in a burner and enjoy, and remember to blow out the candle before the liquid burns dry. Citrus oils are great for helping to clear strong cooking smells too.


For a base oil for my massage blends, I often like to use Grapeseed oil; fine for use for those with nut allergies, plus it has a low odour. It has high level of Vitamin C, beneficial for ageing/dry skin. My other fave base oils are Evening Primrose ; helpful for hormonal issues, and skin conditions, rich in linoleic acid and GLA, and Sweet Almond (rich in B vitamins, minerals and protein). Jojoba is another good carrier oil, as it has anti-inflammatory properties, is highly absorbed transdermally, plus it has a long shelf life.

The new Tisserand packaging is pretty, colour co-ordinated to the specific oils, and all labelled with the relevant information such as oil shelf life and vegan suitability, there is also an information leaflet inside the box. The essential oils are made in England and are 100% natural, and I often use the brand as I know their oils are safe. They do some amazing pre-made blends too, like their Muscle Ease Body oil which, I find good for muscles with Fibromyalgia, along with the same blend bath oil. Also, their Stress collection which, provide a wide range of helpful products. Also, if you have trouble sleeping, check out their lovely Pillow Mist too!

*Please note* ~  I was trained in Aromatherapy so I know what/how much to mix or with what to create a blend. If you have illness wether it be psychological or physical, I would advise seeking an aromatherapy massage treatment from a professional aromatherapist. That way, they will know what to blend accordingly to treat you holistically. I would not advise to try blending essential oils without any aromatherapy background, so not to cause any toxicity to the body by using the wrong oils or the wrong dose.

I hope you find some of these oils interesting and do let me know if you make your own blends. *If you want any advice on essential oils, or aromatherapy tips, please contact me on Twitter or Instagram and I will be happy to answer your questions where poss*.



Heidi x




*contains brand gifted samples


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