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Well guys, having fine hair can be a pain right? Well, it can be heart breaking if your crowning glory starts to thin, or you notice hair loss from brushing. After noticing a few hair issues due to hormones, I have been using Aveda’s Invati Advanced system since January, to help improve the thickness and vitality of my hair.

Aveda Invati Advanced Haircare System – £99 for 3-step system (+ a mini scalp revitaliser)

Aveda’s Invati Advanced system includes a 3-step treatment regime ;
  • 1. Exfoliating Shampoo – £25 for 200ml
  • 2. Thickening Conditioner – £27 for 200ml
  • 3. Scalp Revitalizer – £47 for 150ml
Main ingredients : Salicylic Acid to exfoliate, Turmeric and Ginseng to stimulate the scalp, Milk-thistle extract and Millet Seed to add moisture to the hair. Plus, organic Kukui-nut oil to add shine and certified organic Amla to thicken the look of the hair. The products help detangle hair and are also colour safe.
The products are cruelty free, and made using 98% naturally derived ingredients. They also help detangle hair and are also colour safe. The regime is designed to help combat issues of thinning hair/hair loss, by using the shampoo and conditioner for each hair wash. Following up, with spraying the scalp treatment once every single day into areas of the roots, (compared to the previous Invati products which had to used twice per day). The Invati Advanced range will help thicken hair each time you use.

I have fine hair anyway, but have been noticing how much finer it is becoming over time, plus the super fine areas around my front hairline. This is probably down to the menopause and being over 50, so I was happy to try the Invati regime, especially being a long-standing fan of Aveda products.

The aroma of these are herbal but with a spicy kick, due to the turmeric. I have been using them constantly having good results finding my hair looks thicker, plus it has a fabulous shine. I am also starting to notice less hairs in my brush, so I feel the the regular use is paying off. Okay, these are more of a high-end price range, but if your hair is starting to thin and its appearance gets ya down, then it is worth the bucks. It lasts for a few months and I liken it to taking good care of my skin, which I do not scrimp on either.

I recently had some highlights added to my hair as well as going for a fringe, and am happy that I can thicken the look of hair and help feed scalp with Invati advanced products. To get a super boost, I use the Scalp Revitaliser along with Thickening Tonic (check out here), as the two work well together.

Aveda are a brand that use natural ingredients and also sport the cruelty free bunny logo. Plus, they are always thinking of the environment when it comes to product and packaging, along with helping worldwide causes. This is a brand I not only enjoy trying out new samples for, but that I repeat purchase time and time again, as I use everyday. The Invati Advanced is a helpful range for anyone with fine, thinning hair, or who is experiencing finding too much of it in their brush.



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