Aveda Summer Hair Heroes & New Pramãsana

Don’t you find hair takes a bit of a bashing in summer? With hair up-do’s, humidity, colour fade, sun, swimming and sweat, these can be nightmare for our scalp and tresses. Well, Aveda have some products to help, including their new Pramãsana scalp cleanser. These are my recommendations for summer hair heaven, not haystack hell.

I really enjoy using Aveda products, and not only do I feature brand samples on the blog, but also products I purchase, as I am always happy with the results, along with the aromatherapeutic benefits. Here are some of my summer faves, plus a new product to the Aveda camp. There are also new travel sizes available now, of many popular products, ideal for travel (find link later in the post).

Aveda Pramãsana Purifying Scalp Cleanser (NEW) – £23-50 for 150ml

The new Pramãsana range, focuses on treating the skin of the scalp, in order to thoroughly cleanse and help promote healthy hair growth. Comprising of a scalp cleanser, brush and concentrate, these help remove pollution, balance oil production and thoroughly cleanse hair right at the roots. We perform a routine with the rest of our skincare, so why not the scalp?

I have been trying out the basis of this new skin/haircare range, the scalp cleanser. It has a botanically derived salicylic acid to exfoliate the scalp, along with botanical Babassu oil (similar to coconut oil), to cleanse. A clean and healthy scalp, equals a good basis to encourage healthier locks.

The ingredients are 96% naturally derived, and tested on humans.

ContainsSeaweed extract – helps control and balance sebum levels on the scalp.

Lactobacillus – patented ferment helps support the scalp’s natural protective barrier.

Tamanu oil – helps protect the scalp from aggressors like pollution and other free radicals.

Usage : I do not have the massage brush, but use my fingertips or a tangle teezer type brush, for a vigorous massage on the scalp to stimulate blood flow. I then add the Pramãsana cleanser to the scalp in lines, (made easy by the twist top application spout), just enough to cover the scalp. Using fingertips again, I massage the cleanser into the scalp. Whilst enjoying the scent, I find the massage relaxing along with the coolness of the cleanser on my head, which is lovely in on hot days.

After a couple of minutes, I then rinse out in the shower and use my Shampure shampoo as usual. I have found that after using for a few weeks, it has helped a couple of irritation patches on my scalp, which is great. As I am menopausal and get so many night sweats, this a real help to keep my scalp clean, removing any sebum that can build up on the root area. The scent, as usual from Aveda, is natural and calming too.

Beach days, pool side & trips in the sun, need the fab Aveda Sun Care range…

Aveda Sun Care Hair & Body Cleanser – £19-50 for 100ml

This body and hair wash totally refreshes with its zesty summer scent, and leaves my hair and body clean, revitalised and nourished. Holidaying on the beach or relaxing poolside in the sun? No worries, as this removes salt, chlorine and build-up, yet is gentle and protective for colour treated hair. A great 2-in-1 product for travel and holidays, acting as a shower gel and shampoo.

Ingredients : Tamanu, Coconut oil, Corn-derived chelator, Babassu oil, and a blend of 100% certified organic essences of Neroli, Ylang Ylang and wild-crafted Cistus.

Aveda After-Sun Hair Masque – £24 for 100ml

I love this treatment masque, so good for coloured, post-sun/beach hair. The formulation addresses weakness, restores moisture and prevents further free-radical damage for pollutants and sun. It revitalises beach and pool hair, leaving it silky soft, bouncy and shiny.

After shampooing, apply a good walnut sized amount (depending on hair length), and leave on for 5-10 minutes before rinsing. I use this a lot at home, let alone holidays, as it has such a dramatic effect on the hair.

IngredientsTamanu oil, certified organic shea butter & sunflower seed oil, coconut oil, green tea extract, Vitamin E, with a blend of 100% certified organic essences of Neroli, Ylang Ylang and Cistus.

See more on the Sun Care Wash & Masque, in my post from last year here.

Aveda Protective Hair Veil – £22-50 for 100ml

A  lightweight, fine mist to help protect hair for up to 16 hours from UVA/UVB rays, using natural filters from Cinnamon bark oils and Wintergreen. It has a lovely fresh tropical scent, blended with 100% certified organic essences of Ylang Ylang, Neroli, along with wild-crafted Cistus. Also waterproof, this helps prevent colour fade and hair from drying out. It can be used on dry or wet hair, and is best applied before going out into the sun, and re-applied after swimming.

Contains : A blend of green tea extract as an anti oxidiser for the hair, plus Vitamin E and certified organic Sunflower Seed oil to help protect against free radicals (sun and pollutants). Plus, certified organic Shea Butter to moisturise, along with Coconut oil and Palm oil which detangle and condition.

I like to have a couple of protective hair mists for summer, and this one is a new love with its gorgeous fragrance and natural UV filters. It delivers a super-fine mist, so it is easy to spray above the head and layer over the hair. Don’t over-do this though, hair does not need to be soaked in the product.

If your hair is prone to build-up like mine, the Sun Care wash and After-sun hair masque are ideal to remove pollutants, products, salt and chlorine, at the end of the day.

It is sensible to be safe in summer by always using SPF to protect skin, but also protect hair and help keep it looking and feeling good. It doesn’t have to end up a crispy frizz with faded colour in the summer, and I love using these products to upkeep my hair. They are easy to use all summer long, and I swore by them on holiday last year. I am hoping to get away for a week somewhere hot this year, and if I do, they will definitely be in my suitcase again!


Head to the Sun Care range to buy products, plus… you can now bag yourself Aveda Travel Sizes in smaller sizes and prices, ideal for that getaway!


If you haven’t yet tried Aveda products, find more info in my posts here



Heidi x


*Brand gifts/samples and own purchases.


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