Bobbi Brown | New Formula Products & Nude Drama 2

Bobbi Brown | New Formula Products & Nude Drama 2

If you’re in need of some fresh ideas on the beauty front to help lift spirits, wether it be self-care through skincare or makeup, check out new formula product offerings from Bobbi Brown.

We might have restrictions on our day-to-to lives at the moment, but that doesn’t stop us from wanting to look and feel good. With our ‘lockdown’ situ currently in place (at date of posting), right now, taking steps to help lift mood and feel in control of our lives, is more important than ever. I’ve been loving the recent new pieces from Bobbi Brown lately, especially the new hydrating moisturiser, and the eye shades are perfect for the brighter/warmer months ahead. There’s also an amazingly quick and easy, waterproof base that’s ideal for the warmer months.

Hydrating Water Fresh Cream

Being a fan of the Vitamin Enriched Face Base (find here), I really didn’t think the brand could beat their moisturiser. Well, they have! This new formula contains Hydra-Essence ; a blend of Watermelon, Lentil, Apple, and Sodium PCA Amino Acids. Made of 70% water, plus hyaluronic acid, it provides 100 hours of hydration..YES, 100 hours! I find my skin is still plump after a few days, and with regular use, that has to be a good thing for thirsty skins like mine.

It also uses probiotic technology to help hydrate and strengthen the skins moisture barrier, containing Winter Rose (softening), and Fermented Clary Sage (soothing), this formula helps protect against irritants and also soothe the skin.

This ‘drink of water for the skin’, really does leave it hydrated, plump and smooth for hours, and much like VEFB, preps skin ready for makeup application. However, some skins might not have liked the rich formula of VEFB with its high Shea content, so you will probably love this light, yet hydrating formulation.

This super hydrating, skin-smoothing moisturiser is, quite honestly, totally addictive!

Bobbi Brown Hydrating Water Fresh Cream ~ lightweight texture, heavyweight hydration

Using this regularly over the last month, I have seen and felt a difference in my skin, with hydration, smoothness and plumpness. It seems to look more rested, but the main thing for me, is when I touch my skin at the end of the day, I’m amazed at how porcelain-like it feels. I think this has taken over from Vitamin Enriched Face Base for me, especially for summer use due to the lightness of the formula. If your skin needs hydration (and lets face it, that’s most of us)..I highly recommend you try this when you can!

Skin Long-Wear Fluid Powder Foundation SPF 20

Another new formula to Bobbi Brown cosmetics, is this little number, a foundation-to-powder in one. Available in 28 skin tonal shades, this fluid is lightweight, and waterproof (very! I’ve tried it under running water on my wrist and it didn’t budge without cleanser and a flannel). It has a soft matte finish and is ideal for anyone with oily or combination skins, menopausal women having hot flushes. Basically anyone that wants a quick, easy base that leaves skin looking uniform all day and is sweat-resistant .

It’s paraben-free, phthalate-free, sulfite-free and gluten-free

The formula helps control excess oil helping to prevent breakouts, and its protein complex leaves skin smooth too. It also contains antioxidants and skin protecting filters against environmental stress, plus blue and UV light, and has an SPF 20 (PA++).

Fluid to powder formula ~ Waterproof, sweat and humidity resistant

The skin long-wear foundation is waterproof, sweat and humidity resistant. The colour stays true all day, and there’s no need for any powder. Plus, thanks to the formula being so lightweight, you don’t feel like you’re wearing foundation. It’s not a full-coverage, more of a light, yet buildable with a skin-like finish. Can be applied using either brush or hands.

I think for a drier skin like mine, it is best worn over the top of a hydrating moisturiser and looks great with a glow primer underneath too. I sometimes apply, just to the centre of my face, then blend in foundation stick or a little concealer around the other areas. It’ll be a good one for summer, when we don’t want makeup sliding off in the heat.

Nude Drama 2 Eye Shadow Palette

I have a couple of BB Drama palettes, and love them both but don’t have the first Nude palette. This Nude Drama 2 is beautiful, with really well put together shades and formulas. The pretty pearlescent pink palette contains 12 shadows, plus a full size mirror

With a mix of nudes, chocolates, creams and more, these chromatic shimmers and mattes provide gorgeous multi-dimensional shades for summer, and beyond. Each formula is fab, with gorgeous pigments to allow creation of so many day or night looks.

Below ~ Nude Drama 2 palette shades :

  • Ivory, Champagne Toast, Fever Dream
  • Antique Rose, Show Stopper, Midnight heather
  • Blondie, Metal Vision, Copper Chocolate
  • Mahogany, Earth Metal, Rich Caviar

(All shades swatched fully below)

The palette consists of different formula shades, with mattes, metallics, chrome metals and sparkles, and can be applied dry, or, by using with a damp brush to create a max pigment effect.

L – R : Ivory, Champagne Toast, Fever Dream

L – R : Antique Rose, Show Stopper, Midnight Heather

L – R : Blondie, Metal Vision, Copper Chocolate

L  – R : Mahogany, Earth Metal, Rich Caviar

Head over to Bobbi Brown UK, where they’ve put together a couple of step-by-step eye looks using the Nude Drama 2 palette.

Bobbi Brown Hydrating Water Fresh CreamBobbi Brown Hydrating Water Fresh CreamBobbi Brown Nude Drama 2 Palette


My skin is just loving the Fresh Cream moisturiser, its so hydrating…and a few of the eye shades might just be getting a little too much love lately! Still, we all need things that make us feel good during these difficult times, and while feelings are yo-yoing… for me, I need my beauty fixes (along with doggo cuddles of course). I don’t wear makeup every day, but wether I divulge in a facial massage or a bit of product play, I find using these lately help make me feel better in myself.

Stay safe,

Heidi x



*Products in this post were Bobbi Brown ambassador PR gifts


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    Is there shea butter in the fresh water cream? The palette is gorgeous! x


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