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Being that time of year when most of us aim to get fit, sometimes using muscles we’ve not used for a while is a shock to the system. To ease aching post-workout muscles, and for those (like me), who get constant sore muscles anyway via chronic pain, Buff Body aromatherapy workout treats can help soothe. These natural bath salts and body oil are blended using botanical oils and sea salt from the Atlantic.

These products are so good to add to a body care/wellbeing regime you might have started. Plus, it’s a pretty awful time of year weather wise, so cold, damp days affect chronic pain bodies. I’ve been using these for the last few weeks and want to share how good they are. Buff are based in South West UK, are coastal lovers, use natural products including essential oils, so they’re a brand close to my heart! Find out more about the brand in my post on their Buff Body Scrubs.

Buff Post-Workout Blend Sea Salt bath Soak ~ £20 for 500gm

So.. when your muscles are crying out, maybe having overcooked that gym session/workout, or you’re having a bad chronic pain day, relaxing in a bath with these will help sort you out. Using a small handful of the salts, sprinkle them in a warm bath, soak and relax for 20 minutes while inhaling the aromas. The blend works well to really soothe and ease muscles, along with helping to revive the body. I can see why these are Buff’s best-selling blend.

IngredientsAtlantic Sea Salts harvested by hand, with Buff’s Post-Workout blend of Cypress, Juniper Berry and Lavender essential oils

I tend to use 2-3 of the above scoops in my bath either after a good session on my Pilates reformer, or on a general bad pain day. Having Fibromyalgia, muscles and tendons are really knotted, tight and painful, so anything that helps our broken bodies relax is a bonus. I usually first soak in the salts, and follow up with massaging the oil into limbs, back and shoulders, around 2-3 times a week. I look forward to days when I use them. I feel soothed, nurtured, and muscles start to relax a little while after using. Yet not so relaxed I want to go to sleep, just calm, and ready to get on with whatever I need to do next.

**The essential oils contained in both Buff bath salts and body oil, possess beneficial functions for the body, especially after working out ~ Juniper Berry works to help detoxify the body, acts as a diuretic and helps ease painful limbs. Cypress helps promote good blood circulation and eases muscular cramps. Lavender works as as an analgesic, relieving pain, plus it helps both body and mind to relax. Also, all the oils have benefits for good skin health**

Buff  Post-Workout Blend Body Oil ~ £24 for 100ml 

This body oil is great for massaging into sore muscles, either using along with the bath salts, or on it it’s own. It has enough slip, so fine to use for massage into aching limbs and sore areas, yet it’s a light oil. It sinks into the skin, without leaving it greasy like some. I hate a body oil that leaves me like an oil slick, and even though this is not a dry body oil, it’s perfect.

For each area needing some relief, I pour a little oil into my palm, then massage into the muscles of that area. A short while later, muscles feel less tense and sore, plus skin is left silky to the touch. The scent, is again spa-like with a hint of woodiness. The blend is much the same as the salts, yet with the addition of Cedarwood, helpful for pain and also a diuretic.

Ingredients : Coconut, Apricot Kernel, Jojoba and Evening Primrose oils, blended with essential oils of Cypress, Juniper Berry, Lavender & Cedarwood.

The packaging and the contents of the salts and oil are unisex. They’re great for guys who hit the weights and need help to ease muscle soreness, and relax. Si (hubby), has soaked in the bath with these a couple of times after recently getting back into his weightlifting. In fact, he loves the Post-Workout blend, having used most of my pot of the body scrub a while ago! The scent is spa-like with a woodiness to it, so not floral, and not lavender. The blend is as good for guys as it is the gals, making them ideal products to have to hand for fitness fanatics, and ‘Spoonies’ alike.

All product batches are freshly handmade, batch numbered and dated, as essential oils have a timescale for efficacy and safety. Products are 100% natural, tested on humans, and all packaging is English made and recyclable. Being an eco-friendly brand, the guys at Buff suggest recycling their stylish bath salts jars, by using as candle holders, or storage jars (obviously after thorough cleaning).

Plus, being conscious of our marine eco systems, Buff give 2% of the profit from every sale of their products to the Marine Conservation Society.

I love everything about this brand. They’re products are natural, cruelty-free, and they are passionate about the conservation of our coastal areas. I like the fact that the products are a little different from many other brands out there, plus the gorgeous blends work. If you’re a workout fan, or chronic pain sufferer, these are worth giving a try.

Find these at Buff Natural Body Care, plus many other fab products too.


Are you a workout warrior or Spoonie whose sore muscles need some TLC?

Heidi x

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