Crushing Over Bobbi Brown – New Lip Shades

Hi guys, now you know I am a massive fan of Bobbi Brown cosmetics, and seeing as I fell in love with their Crushed Lip Colours last year, I want to share something with you. It is time to say “hello” to some new shades in time for summer looks. Take a peek at which shade I went for and am currently crushing over!

Bobbi Brown Crushed Lip – ‘NEW’ shades & packaging – £24 each

There are some new additions to the Crushed lip family with these 3 blogger collaborations : Molly Wow ; a rich coral by Molly Chiang, Daring Dalalid ; a rich blackberry by Dalal AlDoub, and Sazan Nude ; a perfect nude by Sazan Hendrix.

The whole range of ‘Crushed’ lipsticks feel like balms, containing Beeswax, plus Vitamins C and E.

I already own shades ‘Lilac’ and ‘Cali Rose’ which I love using, and have just recently added, ‘Sazan Nude’.

L -R : Lilac, Cali Rose, Sazan Nude

The packaging on the new Crushed Lip shades, is different from the originals that were released in 2017. There is no shade band around the middle of the packaging, the 3 new shades have ‘Crushed’ written on the side in red, with a pair of red lips on the end of the bullet case. Each lipstick is super hydrating, easy to use and provides amazing pigment that lasts for hours!

Sazan Nude is an easy natural shade, with not too much pink and not too much brown. Obviously any lipstick may differ slightly when applied, depending on the actual pigment of your lips, but this is a wearable nude that would suit pretty much most skin tones. The Crushed Lip formulas can be worn either as a light lip blot, or with a couple of swipes, for more intense pigment, but still the same hydration. Sazan is an ideal shade for a no-makeup makeup look.

I am loving this colour and already have my eyes on Molly Wow for my holiday. I hope you will love Bobbi Brown Crushed Lip as much as I do!



Heidi x




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    • 14th May 2018 / 10:40 am

      Aw thank you so much, I needed a change!
      H x

  1. 10th May 2018 / 9:26 am

    Actually I prefer the original packaging – I really love it when the bullet mirrors the shade inside -, but Sazan Nude looks really lovely and it looks so good on you, Heidi! Xx

    Beatrice | Strawberry Makeup bag

    • 14th May 2018 / 10:42 am

      I am with you on this, the colour band is a great help for grabbing your lip in a hurry! I think these were done for the special blogger co-labs. Thank you, I love Sazan as it is a barely there shade.
      H x

  2. 10th May 2018 / 10:51 am

    I’ve actually never tried Bobby Brown lipsticks before but I definitely want to now after seeing these gorgeous lip shades on you xx

    Beauty with charm

    • 14th May 2018 / 10:42 am

      Thank you, good to hear. They’re lipsticks are all good, but these formulas rock..they are like coloured balms that last!
      H x

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