Dry January Boring? Not with Fentimans Botanical Drinks

Fentimans pride themselves on their premium range of drinks, and with an array of delicious flavours, dry January is made healthy and enjoyable, but definitely not boring. So, If you are giving the booze a wide berth this month, or simply want to be more healthy in your choice of soft drink, this tasty British range might just be what you are looking for.

Founded in West Yorkshire in 1905, Fentimans started off their tasty range with a botanically brewed Ginger Beer, growing into the beautifully delicious range they have today of. Still made using a traditional way of botanical brewing, the drinks are all chemical-free, making them ideal for the health conscious and as a tasty treat.

I actually had my first ever taste of Fentimans at Christmas, with the pre-mixed Bloom Gin & Rose Lemonade, which I have to say was bloomin’ lovely (no pun intended)! So, when I was kindly offered a Fentimans hamper with some selected drinks, I was happy to try them out, especially loving all things with botanical ingredients.

Their drinks contain gluten-free glucose syrup and natural sugar, and although healthier than many ‘pops’ on the market, like everything, best in moderation as a tasty treat. They have a selection of delicious flavours in their Soft Drinks range. Here are the selection of 275ml bottles I tried :

Rose Lemonade

Ginger Beer

Curiosity Cola

Victorian Lemonade

Wild English Elderflower

Mandarin & Seville Orange Jiggle

The soft drink flavours are perfect for dry January, or if you do not drink alcohol anyway. With great flavours for tasty mocktails, plus a good choice for ‘the designated driver’ on a night out, or a tasty treat for thirsty teenagers. The mixers can also be drunk on their own, and if your taste buds crave some amazing flavour explosions, these, along with the soft drinks will tick the boxes.

The 125ml mixed bottles used to be made using in green glass, but are now in clear, the drinks being suitable for ALL the family, including their selection of tasty Mixers. Here are the 125ml bottled flavours I tried :

Bitter Lemonade

Rose Lemonade

Ginger Ale

Naturally light Tonic Water

All bottle labels have full information on nutritional values and ingredients, plus the lids are colour coded matching their labels, which makes the flavours distinctive when shopping for your faves. 

Fentimans House of Broughton natural syrup in Elderflower. Ideal for making mocktails or a cocktails  

As my hubby and I arranged to buy (a long awaited), new car the other day, we celebrated that evening with a couple of Fentimans drinks, some nibbles and a bit of music. We both enjoyed the drinks, as they are so full of flavour!

I made a lovely mocktail with my current favourite flavour Rose Lemonade. Here’s how :

275 ml Rose Lemonade,

20 ml House of Broughton Elderflower syrup,

Some crushed ice cubes

A sprig of mint

I cannot drink much alcohol as they trigger a migraine and exacerbate Fibro pain, so these are fine for me. Plus they certainly tickle the tastebuds, being full of natural flavour. Not just for dry January, I think the range is perfect if you are having a girls night in with a beauty pamper/film and pizza fest, or a barbecue in the summer. Simply choose a few flavours, pour in your fave glasses (with or without alcohol), then just add good food, good company, and you’re all set.

Fentimans botanically brewed drinks are worth trying, that’s if you’re not a fan already. I have recently spotted a couple of flavours in the supermarket that I want to try, and I am sure they they will become a regular on the shopping list.

These tasty drinks can be found in supermarkets, cafes and bars, and many other retailers. For more info, simply head over to Fentimans


Heidi x



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