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I wanted this post up pre-Glasto for you guys, but the recent heatwave was a bit much for me at times, and now here it is. So, as festival season has kicked off, here are some of my picks for easy beauty must haves. Minus the dressing table of products, looking good whilst roughing it, can still be achieved by having just a few products in your travel bag.

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With so many mini products available on the market, there is no point in worrying about festival or weekend away beauty packing. Okay, not all products we love come in small sizes, but for a few days away, decanting your faves or having baby sized products, make life easy for any free-spirit beauty addict. If you know you have some freebie sachets of products in those drawers, hunt them out and pack them too.

Although I have not been to a festival for several years now, the products in this post are the kind of things I would pack, as they are easy for heading away from home for a few days.

Anti-bacterial Wipes

I’m a huge fan of ABC Wipes (⇐ click on the link for info in this post). These are so easy to use for cleansing hands, other body parts and even your face if need be. Being anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and antiseptic, they are not only cleansing but protect against germs. Ideal for armpits and bits you want to wash, when you just can’t queue for ages at the shower block. Great for cuts, grazes and bites..so totally handy when sat in a hot festival field (even those loos!), and with so many people and different germs around, I definitely recommend these.

Tinted SPF

For a foundation/bit of colour with once-a-day protection, this Ultrasun Tinted Face SPF 30, is a great base for summer. No need to take foundations that end up busting and leaking everywhere, this product provides colour AND protects your skin, whilst you rock it out in the sunshine. If you have a bit of colour a couple of days later, no worries, this product adapts slightly to the skin tone, so you will always looked tanned. Definitely a no-brainer for me, wether festival or beach bound!

Find more info in my post here

Mini & Multi-Tasking Makeup

Makeup is an obvious need when you want to look fab amongst the crowds, but there is no need to pack the   contents of those makeup drawers. Just by using the tinted SPF, a couple of multi-tasking products and minis, you can create a pretty look. I’ve not included all my multi use products, just a few I feel are necessary.

Don’t forget a small mirror (obvs), and I love this lip balm from Albus & Flora, which has good colour and also contains SPF, to protect the lips. From Bobbi Brown, I find a mini Longwear Eyeshadow Stick is so easy, plus an Art Stick, ideal for tonal lip and cheek colour (and eyes if you want). Simple, effective products with good pay off. Plus, a mini mascara from MAC, and not forgetting easy definition for brows with Benefit Gimme Brow.

When it’s time to vamp up the lips and eyes, mini lip glosses and liners are a must have too. It really isn’t worth taking a large fave eye palette, or a big glass bottle of foundation and several lippies. Being methodical with a few choice bits of makeup will make life so much easier (and less expensive if they are broken or pinched). Besides, you want to concentrate on having fun, not stressing about makeup!

UV Makeup

This brand 3INA was recently new to me, although I featured them on my Instagram Stories recently, and they’re fab! Glow in the dark makeup, such as eyeshadow, liner, and a nail topcoat, are fun and look awesome under ultraviolet lighting for festivals and clubbing. You will definitely stand out from the crowd with the funky colours and long-wear formulas. They look tame and muted in ordinary light, but get under the UV strobes and you will wow others around you with your tribal vibes. I’m just sad my clubbing days are over, as these newer products/formulations are amazing!

(A separate post on these 3INA products, with more info at a later date)

Micellar Water (& cotton pads)

My fave for a couple of years now, is this one from Decleor, as it is packed with natural botanical oils and does not dry out the skin. It performs well removing all makeup, waterproof eye products and even SPF, so no need to take cleanser and toner etc, this really will do the job. Use it with damp cotton pads (so the product goes further), and I would cleanse over the skin twice to make sure it’s fully clean. Yes this bottle is huge, but I simply decant into a smaller bottle when travelling.

Oiled Cotton Buds

These DHC Skincare buds with olive oil are a such a fab product. Just take a strip of these individually wrapped cotton buds in your bag, to tidy up make up mistakes. These remove any waterproof liners or mascara blobs you want to get rid of, without having to re-do your whole look. A definite beauty must-have for home and away!

Find more info in my post here

Facial mists

I cannot live without facial sprays, (especially now I get hot bloody flushes every 15 minutes!), wether it be spring water or botanical blends, at home or away. These from Avene and Khiels are ideal as they are small, so easy life when it comes to packing. They are lovely to refresh and cool the skin, whilst keeping it hydrated,  and simply ideal for using after a bit of a sesh. If you’re spending hours in the heat walking, dancing, and being in a huge, compacted crowds, facial mists are a must-have for sure.

Hair Products

If you are camping, wether glamping or roughing it, you’ll want your locks to look their best (well, as good as possible). If you cannot wash and blow-dry hair, it’s not really a biggy. A good dry shampoo like Swell, does what it says on the tin, giving it volume, as well as absorbing oil/sweat and leaving it cleaner. Along with Aveda dry conditioner, which has a beautiful earthy scent, sprays a super fine liquid mist to condition and freshen hair. These two are my go-to’s at home in between washes, and I highly recommend them for packing!

Find more info in these posts : Swell & Aveda

A pack of poly bands are essential for styling hair, and as they tend to break, having loads is necessary. These miniature stretchy silicone bands are brilliant for boho plaits, or little ponytails. An assortment of hair bands are a must, either to keep hair out of your face when it is hot, or for an up-do. Plus hair grips . Yup, lots of them.. as they always fall out and get lost when you are enjoying yourself!

A few different coloured Invisi-bobbles are also handy, especially the neon ones to go with any fluorescent makeup for festival fun after sun down. I also swear by Pop Bands, they are easy and comfortable to wear on the wrist and in the hair. Great to put your hair up when you want, and as they come in so many different colours/patterns, they are a must-have for medium to long haired gals.

For a hairbrush, a mini Tangle Teezer or similar is ideal, as they are small and do the job.

Multi-Purpose Balm

A natural balm, even a coconut oil, such a fab product for a whole number of things. Brows, lips, skin, glossy lids and sunburn (depending on ingredients), cuts, dry patches, cuticles and so many skincare needs. Okay, it will melt in the heat, so pop it in a sealable sandwich/freezer bag, mind how you go and have tissues to hand. I love this one from Trilogy, it’s a lovely balm and has a screw tight lid, which makes life that bit easier for travelling.

Find more info in my post here

I haven’t included lots of skincare and other products,  as I think the ones mentioned are sufficient for a few days camping/partying. I would certainly pack another SPF for the body, a 4Head stick for headaches, plus ear plugs and an eye mask, to help with getting some sleep! I use the products mentioned on a regular basis, but most good brands have minis and multi-use products. It is worth sussing out what works for you and stocking up on a few bits, before packing and heading off to that festival. Wishing you happy summer vibes!


What are your fave must-haves for a few days camping, be it a festival or by the coast? I would love to know..


Heidi x


* Most products my own, a couple are brand samples




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