Instax Mini 8 ~ Photo Memories & Handy Ideas

I’ve loved dabbling in photography for many years, even more so since I started blogging, but most life memories we shoot are usually now in JPEG format. Not with this popular Instax mini 8 camera, which produces mini photos like a Polaroid. Using this camera and accessories from Hema UK, I’m able to keep memories in photo form, as well as using for some handy lifestyle ideas.

Dutch retailer HEMA, has been around for centuries in Holland but only fairly recently to the UK. Stocking a vast range of everyday lifestyle products, like this camera and its accessories, they focus on sustainability, design, and affordability.

Fujifilm Instax Camera mini 8 ~ £60

The Instax is fun, lightweight, and handy for so many reasons. Not only does it make a good 1st camera for kiddies, but it’s also an ideal gadget for any age. It takes just 10 photos each film, so great for certain memories/occasions, hobbies. For taking lots of shots and more serious photography, you would use mirrorless and DSLR cameras, but this easy instant camera is just fab for fun and creating real photos. Some Instax captures can be amazing, at first some might not be great, but you just play around with the settings to find what works best. Besides, snapping shots with this lightweight little polaroid-esque camera, is just so easy.

The Instax Mini 8 is available in 7 colours, comes with batteries, a little hand strap, plus basic instructions (all that’s needed). It’s a basic point-and-shoot camera with a viewfinder, a flash, a push button to pop out the lens (just push back in when finished), plus a dial with 4 light settings. It also has a little window at the rear, telling you know how many shots you have left on the film.

Fulifilm Instax Mini ~ Glossy Colour Film (2×10/pk) ~ £13

These come in duo packs, each film providing 10 Instax photos. Handy to get a a couple of packs, as you never know when you might want to snap a certain moment to keep in photo form. Once loaded in the back of the Instax, don’t open the back door of the camera, as you’ll expose the film. Depress the image capture button once, the 1st paper that pops out of the top is just off the back of the film. Each photo comes out of a slot at the top of the camera, just handle it carefully and let develop for 1-2 minutes. Hey presto! memory in print.

Instax Mini 8 Camera Bag ~ £12-50

Faux leather (obviously for the price), this Instax mini case looks good and does the job, and makes carrying my Instax around so easy. It protects the camera and as it’s in 2 parts, the camera can still sit in encased while you take shots, just removing the front to snap shots. The front clips on by way of poppers front and back, making the button/dial easy to get at too. Easy to wear cross body whilst out and about, plus the strap is adjustable, so great for users young and old more mature.

Although the settings on the camera are super simple, sometimes indoors the light can be low in the photo. It’s easy to play around with the 4 light settings, but sometimes I find it best to cover the flash with a little piece of tape, like micropore or similar. That way, the subject, especially faces, won’t end up with scary ‘white-out’ in the photo. Mini photos are ideal for scrapbooking, labelling, blog planners, popping in wallets, simply just for fun and keeping little memories…a whole number of reasons.

Instax Magnetic Photo Frames ~ £2 for four

Available in a pack of 4, these magnetic frames are fab to stick your memory snaps on the fridge, or somewhere metal. They fit exactly over the mini 8 photos, and my fella below, not a great shot, was one of the 1st I took with my Instax. It always make me smile when I go to grab the milk for a cuppa, a nice idea to store and share memories.

Top Tip : Ever stare at your shoe boxes at the bottom of your wardrobe, wandering what pair is in which box? Well take a mini Instamax photo of each pair, attach to the end of their boxes, and face them all to the front for easy viewing. Hey presto! No more, ‘Where’s my print pumps, sexy black heels, or blue stripe  trainers?’ Problem solved.

Below is just for image purpose, the photo is now stuck to the end of the box to ID one of my several pairs of trainers.

By adding captured moments around the home as decor, these little pics are a fab way of adding a smile to lift your day. Prints can be attached to a piece of string and hung across a desk, or a notice board or mirror frame, making a little memory gallery to look at every day. I have a sparkly tree ornament in my beauty/dressing room (below), so I hung a couple of photos on the branches with miniature clothes pegs. I’m looking forward to add to this as I go along, once the weather gets better, with more captured memories to make me smile.

This is a handy little camera for using out and about when you can’t take a heavy DSLR and don’t just want images on a memory card. Great for walks, the beach, holidays, parties, nights out, and ideal for little people to use. It’s handy for using for getting creative, plus keeping those certain special moments in print. I’m enjoying using my Instax mini, and can understand why they’re one of the best-selling cameras out there. When you don’t always want life as a JPEG, these little cameras are fab and fun!


The Instax Mini 8 plus accessories featured in this post can be found at Hema UK.


Do you love capturing memories with a an instant camera like this one?

Heidi x

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