Life Edit : Christmas, Reflection & New Year Plans

So, another Christmas has just come and gone like a whirlwind (I swear time speeds up as we go through life), and now we’re approaching another year. Whilst in limbo between the festive period and new year, I wanted to write this post. With a little reflection on what has been, and what I hope for 2017, both in life and on the blog. So here’s to Christmas, Reflection & New Year plans!

I hope you had a fabulous Christmas, not just fun times, but happy and restful ones too!! I don’t know about you, but I’m a little bit excited and hopeful, for the new year ahead.


Over the last 4 years, myself and hubby Si have been through a lot, we’ve had to move 3 times, both had injuries and operations, whilst going through over 3 years of stress waiting for a an injury claim to come to an end. We’re still waiting. Meanwhile, Si is having to endure an ankle fusion operation in the Spring! I hit menopause earlier this year, plus the fab age of 50, and although the age is fine, the hormones are not so much. Struggling with chronic pain is bad enough, without having so many stressful times happening one after the other over a few years. I’ve not shared all this on the blog before, but I kind of feel sharing is a necessary part of my coping mechanism, it’s also my life behind the blog. Maybe we’re just unlucky, so could really do with some good luck, and happier times. Although we have said this for the last 3 years…”Here’s hoping”.

Things I am grateful for are ; my family, my ‘always by my side’ Labrador and best friend, myself being a fighter, and of course..this blog and you for reading. To old and new followers, I salute you. This is my escape from pain and being unable to go to work, plus the amazing brand collaborations and coming across other fab bloggers. Even though the blog can be a struggle at times, I don’t think I could do without it!

Excuse the grainy above shot, it was taken with my iPad in a hurry, just as my parents were arriving.

Christmas 2016

This year, living in a nicer property, I decided to cook dinner and invite my parents round for Christmas day, so I was hostess with the mostest. It went really well, the turkey was beautiful (saying it myself), and it was good to take the load off my Mum for a change. The only problem is, she has a dishwasher, I only have me. We had a fab day, shared good food, some giggles and lovely gifts, (sadly not the washing up, I did that too), relaxed in the evening with some tv, drink and Christmas pud. Obviously being a long busy day, I’ve been paying for it since with pain, and on Boxing day, I had to endure a migraine. Hey ho, gotta get on with it girl!

Fibro and Arthritis are always bad for me this time of year, and I long for Spring to arrive with better weather and brighter days (hopefully). Winter bright, cold crisp days are okay, but the damp, rain and fog just make spoonie bodies scream inside, even though you may not see it. As for January, it’s a horrible month, and for most of us I think, wether ill or healthy. It’s a long, dull, lacklustre kinda month, and one which I absolutely hate.

Xmas Gifts

I always try to give gifts people need and enjoy, and I was lucky enough to receive the same kind of gifts. I had a mixture of beauty products (needs must), the odd thing for the home & a bit of food, plus a few bits of clothing and jewellery. I know some of you might not do gifting, but if you do fancy a nosey, here’s some of my pressies.

I couldn’t dream of a life without music, having driven my parents spare with my loud stereo for many years, going through phases of several different music genres, from a young age through to my late 20’s! Anyone else remember taping the Top 20 charts on a Sunday evening, on their trusty cassette recorder? Ah, those were the days. Not anymore, we have iTunes, bluetooth and DAB radio. This gorgeous one (below) was a gift from my lovely Mum, knowing I’m a Lulu Guinness fan, to add to some of my other pieces. This one features her iconic red lips design, it’s fab.

This beautiful Jo Malone Wood Sage & Sea Salt perfume was one of the pressies from Si. I asked him for some on our last trip to Exeter, and he bought it then for a pressie, bless him. I can recommend if you like a natural scent, it’s gorgeous!

I also had some other lovely things including L’Occitane, Liz Earle and Decleor products. A Lola Rose bracelet watch, some Orly Kiely pieces, Hush clothing and the fab Pixiwoo book (as I’ve been a fan of Sam and her talent for some years). I also had a few other bits and pieces, including some fab Vionic slippers which, I’ll feature in a post in the new year.

Out with the Old & In with the New!


Now, there’s celebrations a-looming this weekend to bring in a new year. Hell, can you believe it’s going to be 2017?! Now, I’m not one for new year resolutions, I just have ideas, make rough plans and aim to improve things I’m not so happy with. Great if you do, only the best laid plans can have a habit of going awry, and sometimes we just can’t help that. It’s life. So, if your hopes or resolutions don’t fully go to plan, don’t beat yourself up. Life is too short, just aim to be happy, kind and light hearted, plus take good care of yourself and those you hold dear!

For myself and Si, I just hope we get this case sorted, that way we can clear a few small debts and be able to afford a few things we haven’t normally been able to over the years. I hope Si’s ankle fusion goes well, and that I can cope while he’s laid up not being able to walk for a couple of months. Which leads me on to my next bit…

I need to get fit! That is if I need to do everything whilst Si is out of action, I need to tone up, have more energy and my body must be able to cope. Exercising has always been a regular thing for me, although not so much in the last few years due to my hip, and with chronic pain illness, it can be difficult to perform. All the same, I’m getting back into healthy eating in the new year, once the goodies have gone, and hitting the pilates reformer, which I have actually already started to do.

I will of course feature some of this on the blog, sharing tips, foodstuffs, exercise and products with you. I’m also changing up my posts a little. I won’t say too much, as if you read my Pushing Harder vs Giving Up post recently, you’ll understand why. Boy did I get some backlash from that post! Then I also had some fabulous support too. What I will say, is there will be more informative posts, and monthly edits, one being, ‘The Forecast is Showers’. This was something I did when I 1st started my blog, then went off track a little. I hope to bring you lots of varied posts, products and fab reading.

So, to end this post AND this year on the blog, I just want to say…I’ve enjoyed this past year of blogging and, really appreciate all my loyal readers and the support you give. Thankyou! So go reflect, make plans, have fun by either partying hard, or chilling out with loved ones. Whatever you do, I want to wish you all a very…

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I’d love to know your plans for NYE and any hopeful wishes you may have for 2017…so you know the drill, say it in the comment box.


Heidi x



*Includes some of my own images + some from Pexels




  1. Gillian Wright
    30th December 2016 / 7:41 pm

    Aww such a lovely post Heidi ❤
    I use to record the charts every Sunday evening too lol!
    Happy New Year

    • 1st January 2017 / 11:27 pm

      Thanks lovely, annoying when the tape used to get caught up, lol!
      Happy new year to you and lets hope for more help with Fibro.
      H x

  2. 1st January 2017 / 6:50 pm

    Happy New Year! I really hope 2017 is a great year for you and Si. I’m crossing my fingers for you both that the injury claim is sorted asap and that Si’s ankle fusion is as easy as possible on you both.

    I’m completely with you on not setting resolutions. I’m setting one goal for this year because I don’t want to put extra pressure on myself with resolutions, only to feel like a failure in 2-3 weeks time. Life is hard enough at the moment without adding more stress.

    You’re taping the top 20 made me laugh, those were good times! Xx

    Tania | When Tania Talks

    • 1st January 2017 / 11:33 pm

      Aw thanks lovely, and i wish you a happy and hopefully healthier 2017!
      I have just been with Si to see his surgeon, he has just started a course of steroids & put off the operation until 2018 as the longer he can wait for a fusion the better, being in his early 40’s. However, I still aim to tone up & get fitter as I need to.
      Thanks for your support, I’m still trying to get some help myself with medical issues so I certainly understand that life has enough stress, without adding pressure on yourself.
      Fingers crossed we have a good year!
      H xx

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