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In this post, I’m talking menswear, as it’s not only us gals who have issues when it comes to the fit of clothing, guys do too. My mister has a passion for weightlifting, so when it comes to fit, the majority of high street mens fashion just doesn’t accommodate. Until recently, trying a certain mens fashion retailer specifically suited for bigger guys.


Some of you may have caught the sneak peek of this over on my Instagram, so here’s the low down on why Simon was happy to pose for the camera, and this post.

Recently, I was approached with an offer to collaborate on a couple of items of menswear with hubby, from Jacamo online. As he’d seen their adverts, but not shopped with them before, he was enthusiastic to see what they had to offer.

Si’s appeared here on the blog a few times, mainly to do do with skincare/male grooming, like here. This time, he’s happy to help share some style info for other bigger guys. So for any of you gals (or guys), out there with larger partners/relatives/friends, this might be of interest when it comes to issues of menswear fit and comfort.

Now there’s nothing wrong with being larger in size, as long as all is well on the health front, and on this occasion, we’re talking mainly muscle mass. Simon’s hobby, on and off since the age of 19, has been weightlifting, so usually, he is not accommodated by guys high street fashion. Shirts are always too tight, due to his biceps, forearms, plus broad shoulders and back. No joke, I have seen him bust through a shirt before now, a bit like the Incredible Hulk!

Trying to get kitted out in many high street retailers, he often gets frustrated and can even feel a bit low, due to his size and clothes not fitting. Sometimes it is the leg width of jeans, but mainly, it’s due to shirts/tops where the fit is just too small and restricting. Mainstream menswear is so often cut for straight up and down figures, not big frames, bodybuilders or big guys who just carry some extra. Larger sized gals are a bit more catered for now, so it’s refreshing to find a menswear retailer that caters for the big guys.

Jacamo Blue Marl Double Collar Shirt

This smart blue shirt has a material content of 60% Cotton and 40% polyester. It is available in regular and long lengths, and fit sizes range from 36″ – 54″ chest, plus there is more room in the arms and the shirt overall.

With long sleeves and contrast trim details, this is ideal for that smart-casual look. It’s good with jeans for a dressed down but clean, fresh look, and goes really well with smarter trousers for a night out, or formal occasion.

This style shirt is good for bigger guys with large arms that need space in the sleeves, also allowing room to move across the back and chest.

It’s all in the detail…

With good quality material, this shirt not only feels nice but also hangs well, plus it’s breathable enough for summer with its high cotton content. The collar has a really nice pattern detail, which also follows through on the cuffs and inside of the collar, often found on high end menswear shirts.

The stitching on the cuffs and around the button holes, has really good detailed finishing. Also, the base of the collar matches the line of darker blue material running down the front centre of the shirt. Having the navy in this chambray shade shirt, enables it to co-ord with blue, tan and black jeans, as well as navy, grey, or black trousers.

Simon has a pronounced curvature of the lower spine, so it can push his belly out at times. Mind you, if you live with a guy who’s into bodybuilding, you’ll know they can eat their way through a fair amount of grub too! So sometimes, he gets a bit self conscious if a shirt grabs around that area. This shirt is lengthening due to the dark navy trim down the centre, so helps disguise any tum. It looks smart on, and the bonus, is that Si is comfortable wearing and moving in it, so he feels more confident too.

Yeah well, the big fella deserved a beer after all that posing for me and my camera, especially after a hard days work! Thats okay..he can return the favour for my next style post, lol.

Skechers Verrado Brogen Lace Up 

Every guy needs a few good pairs of trainers, but not all trainers provide comfort and support like Skechers do. Yes, menswear ranges of footwear are also available via Jacamo, its like a one stop style shop for guys. Simon virtually lives in trainers, apart from work boots and smart shoes/boots for going out-out, of course.

Five years ago, he had a bad injury in a workplace, braking his lower leg and completely dislocating the ankle. Yeah…ouch! A few operations down the line, he now has second degree osteoarthritis, getting by on daily pain meds and a steroid injection every 6 months. He will need an ankle fusion later, but the surgeons try and  delay for as long as possible. So not unlike my foot issues, comfort and support is an important factor when choosing footwear.

These casual, sporty trainers (or sneakers), are a Relaxed fit that give roomy comfort, with air-cooled memory foam insole, arch support and shock absorbing midsole. The sole has good rubber traction, with a the heel height of 1 and a 1/2 inches. These are mainly navy in colour, with co-ord paler blues, plus mustard on the rear of the shoe and logo on the tongue.

  • Smooth oiled leather upper
  • Smooth leather and smooth synthetic overlay detail
  • Contrast colored mesh fabric or canvas fabric front and side panels for cooling effect
  • Lace up sporty casual comfort sneaker oxford design
  • Tongue panel with ‘Skechers’ logo detail, and logo ‘S’ on the sides of the shoe
  • Padded collar and tongue with extra padded heel panel
  • Soft fabric shoe lining

These sneaks look the biz with jeans, and I hear Simon repeatedly say how super comfortable and supportive they are to walk in. I’m a fan of Skechers too, and also have several brands of shoe with arch support, as I know how good it is for overall body biomechanics when walking. These have both the arch support plus the air-cooled memory foam, so with each step, there’s cushioned rebound for the feet.

Whoever you’ve spotted boys.. that’s it, keep workin’ it!

With a breathable insole, padded ankle, cushioning around the heel and on the tongue, a flexible rubber insole with midsole support, these not only look good but offer amazing support for the feet. Being mostly a mesh upper, they don’t need breaking in, and offer breathability for feet in summer too. Sneaker win!

So, being really happy with a smart shirt that actually fits, and comfortable sneaks, Si now has a list of things he wants to get. I’m happy he’s found a guys fashion retailer, that doesn’t make him feel bad or frustrated, when it comes to clothing fit for bigger men.

So for the guys out there that build muscle/are a little larger than average, and want to look good minus the frustration, it’s really worth checking out Jacamo. They have a good range of menswear fashion and accessories, including own and popular label brands.

Skechers Verrado Brogan Lace UpJacamo Blue Marl Double Collar Shirt


Does this sound helpful for any bigger males you know, or have they used this retailer before?




*Products were gifted for review purpose (shirt + sneakers)





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