My Self Care Tips For Winter Wellbeing

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Hi guys, I hope you’re well and making time for some self care, something we should all be doing in our lives these days. I’m sat here typing this post, with a cup of warm spicy chai, thick wool socks on my tootsies (cos theyre always so cold!), and a lovely pine candle on the go.

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As we head into winter, it’s a time of year that many of us need a little extra help when it comes to energy, motivation, anxiety, depressive moods, and for some of us.. increased pain levels. For me, it’s the hardest part of the year, so I’ve put together a few self care tips I use to help me get through.

More baths

Bathing has long been used as a ritual, worldwide, not just something we do to cleanse our bodies. Being submersed in warm water, naked and cosseted, reminds us of our time in the womb, so it’s basically an innate need. Nurturing, relaxing, or revitalising baths are definitely something I increase during autumn and winter, as part of my self care routine.

Simply lying in warm water can be beneficial to both body and mind. I enjoy baths in the day with music for a boost, but for total relaxation, I opt for an evening bath with just candlelight and complete silence.

Using Himalayan salts and cleansing products infused with essential oils, are great for calming or uplifting mood. I also opt for ingredients/products that help relax and warm the muscles, especially as I suffer more with my chronic pain at this time of year.

Dry brush the bod

A good self care tip to get the circulation going, as well as help slough away dry skin, is to body brush before a shower or bath. Our systems can become a little sluggish in winter, as we tend to opt for comfort food and nesting more, so dry brushing helps to keep the body systems moving. Find out more about body brushing.

It’s quite invigorating, and helps shift toxins out of the body, along with helping skin to function well while  hidden under winter clothing layers.

Treat Yo’self

Self-care, to me, includes treating yourself. A full-on home facial, curling up with a fave movie or book, plus.. enjoying food and drink treats to bring feelings of content. Many of us spend time exercising and eating healthily, only to beat ourselves up and drool over the thought of a treat. Life’s too short…every now and then we need to fill our boots. Be it the odd pastry, bit of chocolate, high carb/calorie meal, along with the odd alcoholic beverage.

With Christmas and new year celebrations around the corner, its a good excuse to spoil ourselves with a bit of indulgence. So, don’t beat yourself up if you fall off the health-kick wagon during winter time, just find a balance of treats and exercise. Life’s about ‘things in moderation’, and having a little of what you fancy, really can do you good.. it’s the feeling guilty that won’t!

Hydration, hydration, hydration

Now I’m not talking divulging in vast amounts of mulled wine here, but keeping the body hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Herbal teas and fruit smoothies are also a good way of hydrating the body, as well as getting those vitamins. I also recommend adding Hyaluronic Acid in your daily skincare routine. Cold weather and central heating can zap the skin of moisture, so as well as staying hydrated from within, we need HA so skin cells can hold on to water, and help keep skin plump and juicy.

Burn aromatherapy candles & oils

Ahhhhhh…relax and take a deep breath! Aromatherapy has always been on my self care list, and I’m sure most of yours too. Candles, vaporisers and burners, are ideal ways of getting aromatherapy self care by filling your room/home with satisfying scent. Choose different fragrance blends, to help set the mood according to different needs. The flicker of tiny flames is a form of natural light, and boosts that Hygge experience.

I opt for spicy candles at this time of year, enjoying ones pumpkin, pine, frankincense and berries, for those seasonal vibes. For uplifting or calming aromatherapy, I blend different essential oils and add to water in the top of my burner. Take deep breaths…and chill!

Find out more about how aromatherapy works, and its benefits in this post.


We need exercise to keep fit, agile and healthy, and it still counts as self care. It helps burn off those treats, plus, enables the production of those stress boosting/feel good endorphins in our bodies. It’s also important to get outside, if possible and able of course. Winter months produce less of the natural light that we need to function well, so getting out for walks helps boost mood, as well as providing exercise.

I tend to go for walks when I can (depending on pain levels), and living in the countryside makes it a bonus. I also workout on a Pilates reformer, to help keep supple, strong and toned. It’s best to aim to be active and get some form of exercise everyday, wether it be swimming, a fast paced workout, or slow yoga, and a combination is fab. If you can’t do 30-60 minutes, just do’s better than nothing and has great benefits for both body and mind!

Use CBD 

Becoming more widely used, CBD is available in drops, topical balms, creams, also patches (that release  into the body slowly). I find CBD drops helpful for my pain levels (Fibromyalgia/Arthritis/Migraine), but I have to take them regularly. CBD also helps improve anxiety/low mood, and promote sleep.

I use Disciple CBD oil, 500 mg or 5%, adding about 5-6 drops under my tongue around 3 times a day. I tweak the dosage in order to make it work for me, according to my needs.

Disciple have 3 strengths of full spectrum CBD (Cannabidiol) oils. Dark glass dropper bottles of 25mg, 500mg and 1000mg in 30ml sizes. There is less than 0.2% of THC, the psychoactive chemical of the Cannabis plant, in these CBD oils, so there’s no high to worry about. IngredientsCannabis Sativa (Hemp Seed Oil), Cannabidiol

I also use 2.5% CBD oil for my skin. It helps improve brightness and glow, plus it calms and protects my sensitive skin barrier, with its antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties.


We all need sleep, it’s paramount for physical and mental wellbeing, along with our ability to function well. We should also aim to take time to make it part of our self care rituals. Make your sleeping environment and bed, comfortable and inviting, warm but not hot, and with sufficient ventilation. Turn off and push away technology well before going to bed, get cosy, settle and relish in sleep. If like me, you find it difficult to get a good nights sleep (for whatever reason), its well worth using natural pillow sprays and CBD drops.

A few drops of Disciple CBD oil on my tongue before I go to bed, helps me to relax and drift off. Although at times I need extra help, due to waking up several times in the night. I use This Works sleep PLUS products which are so good, so I’d recommend checking them out if you have the same issues.

Right, I’m off to have a nice soak in an aromatherapy bath, and I hope you found my tips helpful. Do let me know some of your fave self care tips below!



Heidi x




*Disciple CBD oils were brand ambassador gifts. All other products purchased.





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