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Hi guys, I hope you’re enjoying this lovely summer so far, aside from melting at times. Although when it’s hot, I wonder how many of you shy away from using oils in your skincare routines. I stick with them all year round, so I’m sharing some of my current picks for face and all, as even in the heat, oils really are beneficial for beauty routines and more.

Oils are a must IMO, they have such a synergy with the skin, and I mean all skin types. They feed and treat the skin, plus nails and hair, so that’s why oils are always a staple part of my all-round beauty routine. All over, whenever, whatever. Obviously, some added ingredients may not agree with some skin types, but there are oil products for everyone. So please don’t give up on oils in summer, simply find products that work for you. I’m currently loving the following, and hope some of the products might be of interest to you.

Cleansing oils

Now if you’re a regular reader of this blog, or follow me on Instagram, you will already know that I’m a huge fan of oils and balms. So, I want to want to shine a light on two cleansing oils that I’ve been using this summer. Coming from a woman who suffers way too many hot flushes, even in this recent heatwave, my face has not turned into an oil slick when using oils. For anyone with dehydrated/dry skin, oil cleansers are good to help replenish the skin. Although if you have an oily skin, there are still oil cleansers on the market that will suit. Remember, if you strip skin of oils, it will simply butt-kick those glands into producing more.

This mini size DHC Deep Cleansing Oil came on holiday with me in June, and will be back in my beauty travel bag in September. It’s a good cleanser for all skin types, containing oils of Olive and Rosemary leaf. It works well to remove all traces of make up including full-on eyes, and is available in a larger size, but this one is handy for those trips away.

The L’Occitane Shea Butter Cleansing Oil, is free from mineral oil and parabens, and containing sunflower seed oil and shea butter, is super nourishing on the skin. This 200ml size comes in a handy, hygienic pump bottle, and the silky formula does a really good job of cleansing, even removing long-wear eye makeup, leaving skin hydrated and soft. I’ve been a huge fan of L’Occitane products for years but not tried their cleansers. I have to say, I am loving this and currently can’t stop using.

Personally, I don’t emulsify my cleansing oils into milks with water, I just massage straight into the skin (including eyes/lashes), and remove with warm water and a face flannel.

Facial Tanning

I wear SPF 50 and only tend to put my face in the sun a little if I go on holiday, but I still love a golden look in summer. When it comes to products for a natural looking facial tan, I have certainly tried a few over the years. This year, I returned to using an old fave, the Clarins Radiance Plus Golden Oil. Simply by adding 2-3 drops to your daily amount of moisturiser, this works a treat to gradually give you a natural looking bit of colour. It’s easy, and when your desired colour is reached, you simply take a few days off from using, starting again to keep it topped up. It is subtle but effective and treats the skin at the same time. Golden glow win.

 I used the above products everyday/night on holiday

Facial Serums (oil blends)

Bodhi & Birch’s new Super 25 Botanical Serum is packed with powerful active ingredients of quality oils from super seeds, fruit, nut and berries. Packed with antioxidants, vitamins and essential fatty acids, this blended super serum helps to feed and treat the skin, helping it to become stronger. I was lucky enough to trial this blend before it went on the market, and being a fan of many of the products, this one did not disappoint.

For me, using a few drops at night after cleansing, when I’m not using an acid or retinol, is sufficient to keep my skin healthy and nurtured. This serum may be a more considered purchase, but after the results I have had, I feel it’s worth it. It calms, soothes and hydrates my sensitive, dehydrated skin, but also helps make it feel more juicy and plump, also helping to firm the surface when using regularly. I like the viscosity too, its not a heavy blend, and 2-3 drops using massage techniques over the face, neck and décolletage, gives me a good result in the morning. I’m a fan as this works so well in my current skin routine!

Head to the brand websites for full ingredients of the above oils.

Another serum I’m enjoying, usually in the day for me although it can also be used at night, is Paula’s Choice Peptide Booster. As I’m over 40 (and then some), ingredients such as hyaluronic, AHA and glycolic acids, gentle retinol blends and peptides are what my skin needs. I hadn’t tried anything from this brand before, although it was on my radar, then I was kindly sent this to try.

There are several variations in the Booster range, but the Peptide is aimed at ageing and sensitive skin so it sits well for me. Being older with a slower cell renewal, this contains not just one or two, but 8 peptides, plus amino acids, all aimed to promote the skin renewal process. I’m pro-ageing, so I never really like the words “anti-ageing”, on a product, but the ingredients are designed to help improve the look of lines, loss of elasticity and discolouration. So, I’m happy to go with that if it improves my overall skin health.

I have found that after using for a several weeks (on and off), it certainly helps my to brighten my skin and help it look fresher. It also feels smoother on the surface a little later after use. One important point about my skin, is that from using this, along with the gentle cleansing oils and Bodhi and Birch super serum, my skin hasn’t suffered any sensitivity this summer! My broken capillaries also seem less noticeable, so overall, I am really happy with the results from using this Booster as part of my routine.

Hair and Nails

A product I meant to review on here a couple of months ago (oops), is one I’ve been using for some time. I’ve enjoyed using products from this natural brand in the past, so I know I am doing good by feeding my nails with Botanicals Hands & Nail Replenishing oil. Massaged around the base of the nail/cuticle and below, nails thrive on oils to keep them from getting dry and brittle. Plus it helps promote growth, so if you’re struggling on that front like I am (thanks to my chronic illness), applying a nail oil as often as possible will bring benefits. This cold pressed and organic formula is packed with GLA’s to help fight signs of ageing nails, whilst improving their overall condition. My little bottle now lives beside my bed to apply every night before hand cream, that is, when my hormonal brain isn’t playing forget-me-not!

The Davines Oil Non Oil for hair, was a new purchase for me after hearing it was good product. I have used a very close hair product like this one before, but having fine hair, I still found it a little heavy at times. This one not only conditions the hair, and adds a lovely shine, but it is super lightweight. It hardly feels like an oil as the viscosity is super fine. Containing sweet almond oil proteins, it helps define texture and protects hair, but without being heavy and greasy. It has a gorgeous subtle fragrance and leaves hair soft. I use a little pre blow-dry, then a little more to finish off my style, and I think with the size of the bottle, its gonna last a good while!

Fragrance Oils

Although I usually use eau de toilettes/parfums when it comes to fragrance, I wanted to return to using oil scent blends. This is where & Other Stories (one of my fave style brands), comes in to play, with their easy, portable roll-on perfume oils. I’ve been impressed with the fragrances so far, the first try out being Sicilian Sunrise, a fresh and fruity blend with a hit of lemons ripening in the sunshine. it is a perfect fragrance for summer and the roll-ons make them so portable for the handbag or holidays.

My most recent purchase, (ready for the next upcoming holiday), is Perle de Coco, a creamy vanilla, mixed with Jasmine and other notes. It’s quite a sexy little number, not in the heady way, but sensual and warm.

Applied to pulse points, these won’t last for hours like an eau de parfum, but long enough to detect the odd note a little later. Like I say, the roll-ons are handy being portable, so these are great to pop in your bag (away form heat and sunlight), to reapply when you need a little extra ‘va va voom’!

Body (self-care)

One thing I’ve added back in to my wellness kick recently, is body brushing. It’s really good to help flush out toxins from the body and also remove dead skin cells. I work from the feet up towards the heart, then down towards the heart from my neck and arms before a shower. After body brushing and washing, there’s nothing more glorious than massaging in a beautiful body oil, and my most recent fave is Bodhi & Birch Flora Paradiso Massage & Body Oil. Not only does it work to feed skin and relax the body, but as an aromatherapy treat to help relieve stress. Inhale. Exhale. And just be.

The scent from this is amazing blend, contains oils of Ylang Ylang, Cedarwood and Lavender, it totally soothes and caresses the senses. There are body oils, and then there are fabulously blended aromatherapy body oils, and I know which I go for..every time. After massaging in, my skin is left silky, my body less tense and my mind calm. Plus, the more you condition your skin in summer, it will help preserve any tan you might have. This for me, is a heavenly self-care product to use on a summer evening (and probably winter too).

So that’s it, my oily round up for the recent summer months, and I hope some the products in this post get your beauty juices flowing! I’m really enjoying using all of these products regularly, and have no hesitation in recommending them. Oh, and if you do try any of them, I would love to know how you get on…


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  1. 12th August 2018 / 9:22 am

    I’ve really enjoyed reading this. I’m 58 and love beauty products but cannot get into oils and serum for some unknown reason. I have tried a couple of high end brand serum but either don’t like the feel of them on my skin or the smell. A couple of these you have discussed such as the clarins tanning oil seem appealing to me. I really must try hardwe

    • 14th August 2018 / 10:02 am

      Hi and thanks for popping by! aim sorry you don’t get on with oils, but have you tried any ‘dry oil’ products? The Clarins is a good choice for subtle self-tanning. Do let me know if you try and how you get on!
      H x

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