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At this time of year when it’s dull, cold, and the festive frivolities are over, January is a long old month. Although no matter what time of year, we all need a little something to help restore our mojo, and I have just thing. This beautiful luxury Olverum bath oil & body therapy, works to restore both body and mind, by de-stressing and soothing, as well as uplifting. This natural product, for me, is a true aromatherapeutic treat that should be in everyone’s bathroom cabinet.

Olverum oil comes from a family recipe, created in Germany by Franz Otto Klein in the 1930’s, inspired by using his favourite spa in Baden Baden, plus being a traveller and fan of essential oils. The botanical ingredients were sourced worldwide and the blend became very popular pre-war time. It was difficult to source the ingredients during WWII, but a few remaining jars were hidden, being stored deep in a wine cellar. As it was in high demand by many, the formula was retrieved post-war and went back into production. It is still going strong and in popular demand now, with the original recipe still being used 8 decades later. Renamed Olverum (for export purposes), from the Latin Oleum Verum, meaning ‘true oil’, it is now manufactured by the Klein family’s younger generation. 

I am extremely happy to have come across this brand, and to be able to sample and share this amazing bath oil blend with you. If you’re a busy person, stress-head, a fellow Spoonie suffering chronic pain like myself, or simply someone that appreciates the benefits of true essential oils, this product is a must-have for your bathroom.

I’ve been using the Olverum Travel Set consisting of 3 x 15ml bottles, each one containing the right amount of oil for 3 baths. These gorgeous little bottles look both expensive, cute and unisex bath side, and their ingredients are pure luxury. This set is ideal for times away, and great for those travelling on business to unwind during hotel stays. A helpful bath oil to aid sleep, treat stress, aches and pains, for workaholics, chronic pain, and fab for use post- workout. Basically anyone who wants bath time to be a therapeutic spa-like experience. Olverum contains 10 pure essential oils to help aid sleep and relaxation, as well as clear and uplift the mind. Read further on to find out its benefits, and how it helps me when using.

Olverum contains essential oils of ; Siberian fir Needle, Lavandin, Eucalyptus, Lemon, Rosemary, Exotic Verbena, True Lavender, Lime, Juniper and Geranium.

Full ingredients are listed in the image below.

The aroma that fills your bathroom when using this oil is A-mazing! This botanical blend isn’t heavy, but  pleasant and totally spa-like. The beneficial oils help muscles to relax, and the mind to be cleared, allowing uplift and re-focus. It will help to de-stress and unwind a body that needs calm. An axcellent blend to use before bed, especially if you’re having trouble sleeping. This is truly a bath time treat that enables that ‘let go’ feeling, where the aroma helps you drift into a serene calmness. The natural oils also leave skin feeling softened.

I inhale deeply when bathing with Olverum, enjoying its gorgeous herbal aroma. These essential oils work on the limbic system of the brain, helping the body to lower blood pressure and stress hormones, enabling pure, unadulterated relaxation. As it sometimes helps ease my tight, sore muscles from the pain of Fibro, I used some more recently when I had a migraine. It cleared my head and allowed me to simply relax. If I hadn’t of had work to do after my bath, I could’ve slipped straight into my bed and slept! Afterwards, I found myself letting out deep sighs, a sign of the body releasing tension. Although it didn’t take away the pain completely, I was rested, clearer headed and felt cosseted and calm. Thank you Olverum, I think I love you.

The blissful products of Olverum are available in to buy in the travel kit (as described above), ~ £16, or a 125ml bottle (for 25 baths) ~ £26, plus a whopping 250ml bottle (for 50 baths) ~ £48.

I’m definitely purchasing more of this, as it’s a product I don’t want my bathroom cabinet to be without, I don’t think my body will allow it. This is a luxurious necessity in my book. An ideal wellbeing product for sharing the love as a gift too. I dare you to try it and not feel the same way myself, and many others over the decades, feel about Olverum. This product goes on my highly recommended list.

To buy, you can find all sizes plus this featured travel kit here.


Have you had the pleasure of using Olverum yet?




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