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I thought I would share some of what I call my ‘Bibles’..

As you may of read, I was a fully qualified aromatherapist (see About in pages bar above), as well as a beauty therapist, so, books about beauty, the body and oils form a big part of my book library. I still refer to many of the books pictured in this post, either for a general read or memory refresh, also for any issues I may have with my body, skin or even a product reaction. I’ve always had a keen interest in the how the body works and, knowledge of parts and functions are still needed, especially for my illness concerns and of course, when I used to perform massage.

Some of the above books are more for beauty, the ones pictured below are more regarding the body and my condition, good to go to if a problem arises. My hubby body builds for a hobby, so if we are unsure of a muscle he is either working on or has a problem with, those particular books come in handy for reference. If I find my sensitive skin has reacted to a product, I check the ingredients of essential oils and then go through my books to see why there may be a problem. The beauty books are informative and enjoyable, I have learnt of the odd product from these that either I had not heard of, or even tried, so they’ve ended up being really helpful. All in all, my books are little ‘Bibles’ to me and I certainly wouldn’t want to be without any of them.

You may well have some of these yourself and love them too. If so, or you have any good ones you can’t live without, please share or comment below. I look forward to hearing about your ‘Bibles’ x


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