Self Care I’ve Used During Lockdown

Self care is a must, especially during our current climate. With everything that’s been happening around us, most of which we have hardly any control over, it can affect mental and physical wellbeing. So, over these recent months, I’ve spent spent more time on being kinder to myself, enjoying more body and beauty rituals. So, here are some of the things I chose to do/use during lockdown.

Self care ; to take care of oneself

Practising self care should involve anything that makes you feel better, physically and mentally. It’s a time to press the pause button, do/use things to take care of yourself, in order to continue to function well. This could involve relaxing with a scented candle and a good book, taking more time to enjoy the outdoors/nature, performing facials/body massage, getting a better quality of sleep, taking regular exercise, meditating, listening to music whilst soaking in the bath, or switching to well-balanced meals. We need to take care of ourselves to carry on living life

I’ve done a lot more walking since lockdown started, feeling the need to get out and clear my head, especially as anxiety increased with all the news and uncertainty. That, along with having to exercise Loki, my lively Labrador pup. Even though I already love living in the Southwest countryside, it has made me appreciate it even more so in recent months. I spend a lot of time stuck indoors over the winter months due to my health, so my daily lockdown walk, alongside having a bit of garden space to go out in, has been really appreciated.

When it comes to body care, although I love a shower for speed and washing my hair, I’ve treated myself to a soak in the bath more than usual over recent weeks. I use products to help ease my chronic pain issues, including different scents to calm or energise the mind. I’ve luxuriated in facial treatments more too, taking longer to cleanse, enjoying choosing different products, and i’ve definitely done more masking!


This L’Occitane Invigorating Melon Mask is cooling and energising on the skin, and leaves it looking brighter and feeling soft. (*received as a pr sample)


As well as using magnesium flakes in my baths, I’ve been applying it directly to the skin recently too, in order to help tense, painful muscles. I find oil sprays useful, followed by massaging into the tight areas of muscle, either with my hands or using my Gua Sha tool. Magnesium can help to reduce fatigue, boost energy levels and also works as an anti-inflammatory. Si (hubby), has has been finding the joint spray really helps ease arthritis pain in one of his ankles (from an old work injury).

Better You do a really good range of transdermal Magnesium products, along with oral vitamins sprays too. They are a cruelty-free brand, using sustainable packaging and also provide some vegan products. I’ve bought their products in the past and so I can recommend them.

*(these featured products were sent to me as pr samples).

I’m also increasing my vitamin intake, along with fruit and vegetables, I’ve been using sprays under my tongue. Vitamin C, along with a high dose Vitamin D (as I get fatigue having Fibromyalgia), plus I’m adding MCT oil to my daily mid-morning coffee, making it bulletproof. MCT oil helps boost energy, brain function and helps with weight loss.


I’ve also been doing more body brushing (see my post on benefits here), plus performing more facial and body Gua Sha. It not only helps me feel better but improves overall skin function. I use the Gua Sha tool on my body, by scraping knotty areas, helping to break down lactic acid build up which forms painful lumps in my muscle tissue.

As our moods have been in fluctuation overdrive due to all that’s been going on around us, I’ve also used more perfumes. I don’t always wear perfume at home, but in the past few months I’ve found myself reaching for a scent every single day! Different ones according to my mood, but mostly ones with citrus notes, to help lift.

Now, although we’re coming out of the worst (lets hope so), times are still uncertain so we all need to be careful. As my immune system isn’t great due to health issues, I hardly go out to public places, and when I do (usually to the supermarket, and occasional health appointment), I wear a mask and adhere to social distancing at all times. With the uncertainty spreading into the months ahead, I’m continuing to focus on self-care to help get me through.

I’d love to know what self-care methods you’ve been using during lockdown too!


Heidi x



*Better You + L’Occitane products featured in this post were sent to me as pr samples.



  1. 30th June 2020 / 5:21 pm

    Love this post! And your bath shelf thing is gorgeous! I really miss having a bath (living in a small flat in London), but for me it’s a cuppa, a sheet mask and sitting in bed watching a movie! Sounds stereotypical, but so relaxing!

    Katie |

    • 30th July 2020 / 12:32 pm

      Hi Katie, thanks lovely. Yes..its what works for you. Deffo yes to a cup, it sorts everything out!
      H x

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