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Hi guys, it’s been a while since I last posted I know, but what with my pup being poorly, things have been a bit all over the place recently. But, I’m back and have a few posts lined up for you over the next few weeks, starting with some more skincare. I’m rounding up my thoughts on products for dehydrated/sensitive skin, some new and old, gifted and purchased, including Pixi, Elemis and more.

I’m starting off with some Pixi skincare, kindly gifted to me by the brand. Following on from my last skincare edit, I had these products at the time but wanted a bit more playtime, to see how they faired.

The Rose Cream Cleanser has a creamy texture, is soothing and is gentle enough for sensitive skins. This contains mineral rich mud to deep cleanse and soften skin, plus chamomile, rose and avocado oils to soothe and condition. I use this as a morning cleanse or, a second cleanse in the evening after makeup removal, and it’s my fave out of these two cleansing products.

The Glow Tonic Cleansing Gel is a gentle exfoliating cleanser, no grains here, it helps slough dead skin cells off with the ingredient of Glycolic acid, and horse chestnut extract to refine. Also ginseng to brighten, plus aloe to soothe and calm. I use this, again, as an occasional morning cleanser as it leaves skin bright and smooth, but if I am going through a period of sensitivity, it can leave my super sensitive skin a little red.

Pixi are famous for their gentle Glycolic toner, and I have been a fan for a while. Then Rose Tonic was created and the angels sang, and I have since purchased a second one as my skin completely loves it. This rose hydrasol based toner, contains rose flower extract which helps calm redness, plus Elderflower to brighten and Chamomile to soothe. I find this so refreshing, plus cooling and gentle on my sensitive skin. It helps to calm redness, whilst helping to tone the skin and balance the ph level. If you’re a super sensitive soul too, have high colour, rosacea or broken capillaries (again like me), you will love this version of their toner!

A good follow-on skincare product after Rose Tonic, is the pHenomenal Gel Neutralising Moisturiser, a cooling, hydrating gel-cream, infused with soothing ingredients. It has a high glycerine content which boosts hydration, great if your skin is thirsty like mine. Plus, it contains Cucumber and Aloe Vera leaf extracts to soothe and calm skin. It’s also rich in nutrients to help stabilise the skin. For me, it adds amazing hydration which just goes on working through the day, whilst calming and balancing at the same time. It’s light too, so ideal for summer and anyone who doesn’t want a heavy cream. Great for sensitive and dehydrated skins, a skincare product that doesn’t make a big song and dance, yet does a good job. Love it.

The On-the-Glow Stick is something I also love from the brand. It’s classed as a moisturiser, but I feel it’s more of a makeup/skincare hybrid. It’s a constant go-to for me this summer, my dehydrated skin loves it, and the effect on the skin looks fabulous too…oh yeah, you glow girl! If you love your cream makeup products, have skin that needs moisture and want to glow but not glitter, this twist-up stick of wonder is for you. I tend to rub this across my fingertips, then simply pat into areas that need hydration and a luminosity, mainly above cheekbones and out towards temples, plus on the top lip line. This will last ages, is a handy hybrid product, and the glowy finish looks natural and juicy on the skin.

The lips don’t lie… so to avoid that dry, peeling look in summer, choose to opt for quality lip balms rather than barrier products which, don’t solve dryness or dehydration on lips fine skin. I’m a bit of a lip balm addict, and hating lip barriers, I have used good balms containing waxes/butters/oils for many years, and I’m really grateful that I never suffer with dry lips! Well, I’ve found another newbie from 100% natural skincare brand Sister and Co Skin Food.

Our mission is to create beautiful natural products that you can use every day, to get you as excited by every ingredient as we are, with results that surpass your expectations.”  Sophie, Sister & Co. Skin Food Founder

There’s 2 varieties of their Raw Coconut Lip Tonic, and I purchased the Lemon Myrtle and Wild Mint, which smells so refreshing and gives lips a real boost when applied. With ingredients of Shea and Cacao butter, vegetarian Beeswax, Vitamin E and essential oils, this keeps lips hydrated, soft and supple. It’s quite a solid balm, so I take out a tiny amount with a spatula and apply, where it simply melts into the lips and feels wonderful. Keen to try more from this British natural brand!

Another new brand to me, and one that is becoming popular, is K-beauty brand It’s Skin. These products were PR gifted for trial purposes, but as always, thoughts are my own.

Firstly, let’s look at an ingredient being talked about more and becoming ever popular, Centella Asiatica (Tiger Grass), also known as Cica, for short. Extracts taken from plant and added to skin care, are great for helping sensitive and acne-prone skin, as it’s soothing and healing. It is also helpful for redness and rosacea, broken capillaries, plus it helps to strengthen the skin’s natural defence barrier. With so many skins becoming sensitive due to skin treatments, environmental aggressors etc, it’s no wonder that the ingredient Cica is ever popular.

Tiger Cica Calming Cleanser, is a foaming mousse containing 55% Centella Asiatica, with a ph balance of 5.5, the skin’s natural level. I have to say when it comes to a mousse, wether it be for skin or hair, I’m just not a fan. However, this does have good skin health ingredients for sensitive skin, so I occasionally use it to keep it calm or, when I need to get the ph balance right, after having taken it down using an acid maybe the day before. I sometimes use as part of my morning skincare routine, as it’s not a make up remover, but a clean, healthy skin cleanser. There’s no scent to this and I find you only need about half a pump to do the whole face and neck. For the ingredients, it ticks skin health boxes, but for a really good cleansing experience for me, I’m kind of on the fence. If we all liked all products, there wouldn’t be a market.

Containing 75% Centella Asiatica, the Tiger Cica Calming Serum is soothing, neutralising uneven skin tone whilst boosting hydration. Containg ingredients of Glycerine and Panthenol, plus a blend of essential oils including ; Bergamot, Orange and Lemon peel, Ylang-Ylang, Lemongrass, Eucalyptus, and Lavender. It smells incredible and is light in viscosity. A joy to apply, it feels cooling and seems to simply melt into the skin. I use depending on how my skin is behaving, applying a couple of pumps of this under a moisturiser, or, over my Ultrasun spf. I don’t get roll off, and it seems to boost moisture levels of my thirsty skin. The only issue I have, is that I do find products containing Ylang Ylang make my skin react, so sometimes, this has an adverse affect for me, making my redness flare. It does calm though but it’s just not something that I expect, nor want, from a sensitive skin product.

These products contain good ingredients, definitely boost hydration and keep the acid level of the skin in check. I like them, but I’m not sure if I’d go out of my way to buy due to the Ylang Ylang in the serum, and the plain fact that I don’t like mousses. Both good products, just my preference guys, and worth a try for skin health.

Under the Korean It’s Skin umbrella, their Power 10 range include a number of facial treatment mists.

I have been using Ve- Nutrition mist, and Gf – Moisture mist, and tend to use one or the other, sometimes both, just about everyday lately. Both contain hydrating plant waters and oils, these keep moisture levels boosted and leave a protective layer over the skins surface. Gotta love a mist, so wether you want hydration or anti-oxidants, these two are fab for re-applying through the day to skin with makeup or without. Love these!

Now usually, I’m adverse to most makeup primers, apart from a couple of skincare hybrids, as they are usually loaded with silicone and cause roll off. I was kindly sent this Hyaluronic Plumping Primer from natural brand (and created by 2 sisters over the kitchen table), Balance me Beauty, and I have to say it’s a little marvel for thirsty skin!

When I first tried this, it felt light but then a little tacky when massaging into the skin, and I thought it wouldn’t be for me…but boy was I wrong! Once you work this product into the skin, after a little while it just seems to dissipate, leaving skin feeling soft and bouncy, with just enough ‘tack’ to grip makeup. Layered other products…no roll off. Result.

Then, I had to keep touching my skin throughout the day in surprise, as it just felt extra soft and plump! Ingredients include ; a low molecular Hyaluronic Acid, Shea butter, seed and plant oils, plus Acacia Gum Complex, and Acmella Oleracea (apparently a natural alternative to botox), to relax muscles and help to reduce fine lines with continuous use. This mattifies keeping oil in check, offering a blurred look to pores and fine lines, whilst hydrating the layers of the skin making it feel and appear plumper. The 30ml tube will last a good while as a little goes a long way.

When I use this going out for the day, makeup stays in place, and skin looks flawless whilst staying super bouncy. For someone who dislikes primers, this little beauty has won my heart! For those of you with thirsty skins wanting a good primer (and natural to boot!), I recommend you check this out.

Talking of Hyaluronic (and why wouldn’t we?!), I purchased this serum by Irish natural brand Pestle & Mortar a couple of months ago now. Well, I’ve not stopped using it since.. it’s a dream for skin!

Another bonus is that this is a 100% cruelty free and vegan product. It’s a glycerine based serum containing a multi-molecular hyaluronic (different weights to work on different layers of the skin), also containing plant extracts. Pestle & Mortar are multi award winners, with good skincare and ingredient ethics, where 3000 chemicals are banned, the brand focusing on a ‘less is more’ principle. They produce a small range created for pH balance and good skin health, in performance driven products.

I use 3-4 drops of this beautiful serum every morning, and lately I feel its the one product I can rely on to keep my skin looking and feeling plump. It can be used at night, which occasionally I do, but I am trying to prolong the contents of my bottle. I also make sure to massage into my neck, as I started to notice it help plump out those necklace lines. As I am beginning to become conscious of a small area over my throat, that’s a fab bonus!

Any of you with dehydrated skin like me, will know that it can be a task., not just in summer but winter too, as everything seems to suck it dry. A thirsty skin needs a good Hyaluronic to keep those cells ‘fed and watered’, and this product ticks that box for me. I have had so many compliments on my skin over the last 6 weeks, both online and in real life, and I have to put most of it down to this serum. Thank you Pestle & Mortar, I will be re-purchasing! If you want a decent hyaluronic for your skin…then you need to try this formula.

Now Elemis is brand I have used now for over 14 years, and their recent launch of a new aromatherapy blend of their cleansing balm is another product to win my heart. I’m not a fan of the original, and I tried the Rose version which, although lovely, caused redness so I put it down to an essential oil within.

The NEW Neroli, on the other hand, is bliss. If you enjoy the Emma Hardie Moringa balm cleanser, or Decleor’s Neroli products, you will love this! Ingredients ; beautiful Neroli oil is blended with Orange wax, Fig and Lemon Verbena Oleo extracts. The texture is sublime providing amazing slip and the fragrance just beautiful, making cleansing a real ‘experience’.

It’s fine to take over the eyes, dissolves all makeup and leaves skin super hydrated, bright and super soft. It can be applied to dry skin, then removed with a flannel or emulsified first. I just massage in then remove, but it’s your call. I use either morning/night, and really enjoy indulging in something so decadent..especially as it works for sensitive, dehydrated skin. It’s only available in one place at the moment, and in this supersize (see ‘shop the post’), but if you love balms and that special cleansing experience, I suggest you try this, as it really is a beautiful product.

Head over to my IGTV, where you can watch (my 1st ever IGTV offering), me enjoying a good cleanse, massaging this beautiful balm into my skin.

Just a quick mention for those who like a micellar water, and if you suffer pain and fatigue like me, you will have one to ‘remove the face quick smart’, before flopping into bed. Sometimes, many of us don’t have the time or energy for a full-on skincare routine, so don’t worry, I doubt the skincare police will be coming round.

I do like Decleor Rose micellar water, and always have one in my stash, but I have been using this one Elemis regularly for some time now, and I love it. Does a good job of cleansing (even eye makeup if you wish), it’s gentle and non-irritating, plus it doesn’t compromise the skins balance. It’s refreshing, and with English Rose water, Chamomile, Rosehip seed oil, Apple amino acids and Indian Soapnut, skin is thoroughly cleansed while its moisture balance is taken care of.

An ‘old fave’ product I don’t think I have talked about on the blog before, is the Pro-Collagen Oxygenating Night Cream from Elemis.

This cream looks quite rich but is light textured upon application. A beautiful smelling night treatment cream, it contains Sesame and Avocado Oils; rich in anti-oxidants to help fight free-radicals. To help condition the skin, this also contains a blend of Laminaria Digitata and Red Coral, plus their famous Pro-Col ingredient of Padina Pavonica, a mediterranean algae that helps preserve skins elasticity, keeping it firm yet supple.

This is a night cream I’ve dipped in and out of using for over 14 years now, since I discovered Elemis. Each time I wear it to bed, taking a deep breath to enjoy the gorgeous scent, I know I’ll wake up in the morning with supple, soft skin that has been fed with goodness overnight. However, that doesn’t stop me wanting to try their new Overnight Matrix though!

All of these products are more specific to dehydrated and sensitive skincare, and most are for all skin types. I hope some of them have been of interest, and if you are a fan of any of the mentioned products, do let’s chat about them in the comments below. If you didn’t catch my last skincare edit, you can find it here.

Elemis Pro Collagen Oxygenating Night Cream
Elemis Micellar Cleansing Water
Sister & Co Skin Food Coconut Lip Tonic
Its Skin Power 10 Moisture Mist
Its Skin Power 10 Nutrition Mist
its skin Tiger Cica Calming Serum
It’s Skin Tiger Cica Claming Cleanser
Elemis Pro Collagen Neroli Cleansing Balm
Balance Me Beauty Hyaluronic Plumping Primer
Pestle & Mortar Pure Hyaluronic Serum
Pixi On-the-Glow Stick
pixi pHenomenal Gel
Pixi Rose Tonic
Pixi Glow Tonic Cleansing Gel
Pixi Rose Cream Cleanser

If you have any questions, do let me know and I will be happy to try and answer where possible, and you can always contact me through Instagram . I hope you enjoyed this edit and I will be back soon with some more, of that I am sure!



Heidi x




Post contains some purchases, brand gifts and some PR products sent for review.






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