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Hey guys, how good is it to start seeing the sunny days?! To help you get equipped with the right skin protection for that sun, including holidays away, I have something for you. Ultrasun are the must have brand for myself and my family, when it comes to protection from the suns damaging rays. So, I am pleased to share with you, an amazing ‘one week only’ offer that you need to grab while you can!

From the 14th May 2018, QVCUK have a fabulous deal on this Ultrasun Anti-pigmentation collection, for one week only!

Our face, hands and sensitive eye and lip areas, are all extremely vulnerable to damage as they are constantly exposed to the sun. This fabulous set offers targeted protection from the harmful UVA and UVB rays. Ultrasun delivers the right sun protection for specific skin needs, and I can honestly vouch for this, myself and hubby having had amazing results using Anti-Pigmentation Face 50. We now use these products without fail every year, from April through to September.

A bit of info on Ultrasun : Ultrasun as a brand was started in Switzerland in 1992, launching with just 3 products here in the UK in 1997. Since then, they have continued to develop award winning products that deliver results, with broad spectrum high protection UVA & UVB formulations with no perfumes, preservatives or emulsifiers. The once-a-day formulas are water-resistant, non-greasy and easily absorbed making them fuss-free to use. They are perfect for the whole family, including babies and those with skin sensitivity/sun allergies, plus the brand is highly rated in Australia…which tells us something!

This Ultrasun collection contains :

1 x Face SPF50+ Anti-pigmentation 100ml – Supersize
1 x Hand SPF30 Anti-pigmentation 75ml – full size
1 x Eye SPF30 15ml – full size
1 x Lip SPF30 4.8gm – full size

Ultrasun products have a shelf-life of 2 years once opened, and 3 years unopened.

Details of price & where to buy this fab set at the end of this post

Application ; On clean, dry skin and ideally 10-15 minutes BEFORE sun exposure. (Face 50, apply 10 minutes before applying any moisturiser/primer/makeup). Even if, later you perspire or go swimming, the ingredients will have worked down into the lower layers of skin, so you will be protected. Lips can be topped up whenever needed.

Anti-Pigmentation Face 50+ (suitable for ultra-sensitive skin)

I cannot rave about this SPF face cream enough, as the results can be amazing. Not only protection, but you get a lovely tan, and ladies…it makes a gorgeous glowing primer for makeup too! My husband saw fantastic corrective results on his sun damage in his 1st year of using, so cycling to work every day, he will not leave the house without now in summer.

I started with a 50ml a few years ago, but love to grab a supersize when poss, as it lasts myself and Si all summer long! This is such a cost effective price, as you not only get the supersize, but hands, eye and lip SPF too. What is not to love?!

With airless pumps, the Ultrasun formulations are not affected by air or contamination.

Along with antioxidants, the formula also contains Ectoin, a revolutionary natural enzyme that protects skin from premature photo ageing, which occurs from UVA rays. The sun’s UVA rays penetrate deep into the basal layer of the skin, which affects newly formed cells, resulting in visible ageing further down the line. This product will also help lighten and improve any already visible pigmentation.

Check out our past results HERE

Ultrasun SPF 30 Hand, Eye & Lip products  

Eye SPF30 – Eyes are a sensitive area, the skin being finer than the rest of the body, (as are the lips), so they really need special protection. The sun’s rays can cause premature ageing around the delicate eye area, even penetrating around sunglasses through gaps, let alone whilst sunbathing. This new addition to the Ultrasun range is a must have for skin around the eyes. Apply ; the size of a grain of rice for each eye area.

LIP SPF30 – There are so many lip balms out there on the market, but this is an absolute fave of mine, all year round. Not only is it non-greasy, and pretty much invisible (so suitable for guys too!), it is also an SPF 30. Again, ideal for even the most sensitive skins and contains Blackcurrant seed oil and Vitamin E to nourish, but no artificial colours, fragrance, preservatives or Avobenzone.

Apply liberally, including over the top line of the lip, where sun hits and causes those fine lines. If you lose your eye cream, this can be added around the delicate eye area to help protect in the sun too! A gorgeous product for all year round, to keep lips soft and totally protected. I have them dotted around everywhere!

Hand SPF30 – Containing nourishing Berry wax with antioxidants, plus anti-pigmentation ingredients and GSP-T for infrared protection. This water-resistant SPF 30 specifically for hands, protects against UVA and UVB rays. It’s also an anti-pigmentation formula, and was designed to help prevent age spots, those little brown marks that appear on the hands as we age. They’re basically pigmentation marks caused by sun damage, so application of this non-sticky cream to the backs of hands will help prevent pigmentation.

If washing hands several times after an hour or so, I would reapply to make sure the skin is protected. This cream sinks in well and leaves hands hydrated, glowing and protected.

Worth a total of £110 when bought separately, the Beauty Big Deal has over a 60% saving, priced at just £39.98 (+p&p). A fabulous set of products to protect and correct your skin in the sun.

Along with UVB protection to prevent the skin from burning, Ultrasun products also contain UVA protection, preventing ageing caused by the deeper penetrating sun rays. As with all their range, they also help with sun photosensitivity issues such as prickly heat. All products are dermatologically tested, hypoallergenic, fragrance and paraben free, and contain NO mineral oils, silicones or aluminium. All products can be reapplied in extreme temperatures, if there is a concern for areas of the skin.

If like me, once you have used these products throughout a summer, I doubt you will look back. Not only do they protect skin from the suns UVA and UVB rays, they hydrate and provide a gorgeous luminosity. The bonus is, they allow you to gain a lovely tan without worry, fuss or re-application, and simply enjoy your summer days!


For more info on the brand, do check out the Ultrasun website.


Heidi x



*brand gifted products


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