Sumptuous Spring Skincare Products

Hi! Finally I think Spring is here…even though the weather in the UK needs reminding as usual, so I thought I would share with you my updated spring skincare products. There are some faves I already use and still love, plus some brand new products and re-purchases. Read on to find out what I am loving for my morning and nighttime routines.

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The Morning Shift

I do exchange a couple of products with these sometimes to mix it up, depending on what my skin needs, but these are my current main go-to’s.

Bobbi Brown – Balm Rinse Cleanser,  is a new purchase for me. After smelling the fragrance whilst trying it on the back of my hand in store a few weeks ago, I just had to tick it off my wish list. It comes in a ‘mahoosive’ pot and although quite a considered purchase, it will last months. Sadly, my pot ended up on the floor and my lid broke, so please excuse the sellotape holding the lid together!

Containing Glycerine, Olive Oil and Orange Oil, this is so good for the drier skins amongst us. I use both in the morning, and at night for a double cleanse or leave it on for a while as a treatment. It really is sumptuous to use; the texture, the scent, the way it emulsifies to cleanse dirt/makeup, how it feels whilst using..the whole experience. It is one of those products that makes you take your time to massage the skin. It is my new and beautiful, everyday indulgence, and if you’ve not tried it, go grab a sample from a counter. If you are a fellow balm lover, I am sure it will have you hooked like me!

Bobbi Brown – Vitamin Enriched Face Base, is such a good moisturiser and a perfect base for makeup, especially for normal to oily skins, and although mine is drier, it suits and I simply love it. A hybrid product that nurtures and cares for the skin, whilst being an excellent primer for most skin types.

This definitely helps achieve that glowing skin finish, containing moisturising Shea Butter with Vitamins B, C and E, Geranium and Grapefruit (which also helps uplifts the spirits), it prepares skin for a base and helps it look flawless and dewy. I repurchased a pot a few weeks ago, as I hate being without this priming moisturiser hybrid. The way it leaves skin bouncy, dewy and supple, makes it a sublime canvas for makeup. it is super hydrating, although being an oil-free formula, I find it fine to use in the summer months.

Decleor – Neroli Amara Aromessence & Hydra Floral 24 Hr Moisturiser, good for all skin types, a good all-round skincare duo. The aromessence (100% natural oil), and moisturiser are Neroli based, and work in synergy to drip-feed hydration for the skin, whilst moisturising. Having worked as a Decleor therapist, I know this is the most used and recommended combo for so many clients, especially if they are just starting out with the brand. So, if you do not know which range to use or what your skin type is, plump for Decleor Neroli range. Neroli balances as well as hydrates, and it provides users a glow to their skin.

I have always had the long-standing Neroli aromessence in my skincare stash for years (don’t worry…I do replace it every 6 months!), but this spring, I decided try out the new Neroli Amara version.

With triple efficiency of the bitter orange tree; Aromessence Neroli Amara uses essential oils
from the flower, fruit, leaves and twigs“.              Quote from Decleor UK

Three drops is all it takes with an aromessence as they are super concentrated. Then apply over the skin after cleansing and misting, before moisturiser. This has a delicate scent, helping mood with each inhale when applying, it hydrates the skin leaving it comforted, balanced and provides radiance. Each aromessence (different blends for different skin types), is 15ml in size and will last 6 months using 3 drops each morning!

Decleor Hydra Floral, their Neroli based moisturiser and no.1 best seller, is like a drink of water for the skin, another product I am never without. I may dip in and out of using a different brand moisturiser every now and then, but always find myself going back to this. It is like reuniting with an old friend, or snuggling in that cosy jumper you just love and cannot chuck out!

This daytime moisturiser is light weight in texture and on the skin, (although there is a slightly richer version for thirsty skins and for winter months), and it really quenches the skins thirst. It also works well as a makeup base, whilst calming and balancing the skin, and simply feels beautiful when applied and not at all heavy. The light version is ideal for summer months, as it sinks in well and never causes roll-off under makeup. Quite simply, this is a thoroughly hydrating and beautiful moisturiser.

Botany Blend – ACESO Antioxidant Luxe Face Oil, new to my product line-up, I have to say I am rather smitten with this luxurious blend. Having a thin skin (with broken capillaries), I want a product that protects as well treats. This formula contains Sea Buckthorn, Safflower, Japanese Camellia, Rosehip berries and Apricot kernel, providing fatty acids and antioxidants to help nurture, protect, calm and soothe delicate skins like mine. Having sensitive skin, this is a fab blend for me, as it does not contain essential oils which, can sometimes upset the balance and cause a sensitivity flare.

I find this particular blend really feeds my skin, and is softening, nourishing yet also provides total calm. Its colour is a fantastic rich orangey-yellow, and its aroma is a very subtle, sweet herby scent. If my skin is playing up or reactive, I now choose to get this on my skin, and after a couple of days, all is well again. Plus, it makes my skin feel like silk whilst giving me a gorgeous glow. I even apply around any dry, sore cuticles and under hand cream as a treat (extravagant I know, but worth it!). I feel that using Aceso, my skin is protected, soothed and ready to take on the day. I recommend checking out this brands 100% natural range of 3 oil blends, luxury skin love in a bottle!

Perricone – Hypoallergenic Firming Eye Cream, this lightweight formula is soothing and antioxidant for the skin around the eyes. Containing 2 olive oil polyphenols taken from the fruit as well as the leaf ; Hydroxytyrosol and Oleuropein. I am a fan of Perricone products, although they are of a higher price point, so looking in the sales and buying products in kits (as this was), is always a good idea.

I find you only need a small amount of any Perricone product, as they are concentrated. This eye cream targets fine lines, slackening skin and dark circles, and being hypoallergenic is suitable for sensitive eyes, so apart from dark circles, is ideal for me. I use the size of a grain of rice for each eye and gentle pat around the eye area and over my lids up to the brow.

It feels soothing upon application, and so far, I have not had any roll-off when using under makeup. I find it super hydrating and it helps firm once applied, although I have not had this long and am looking forward to seeing more results.

The Night Patrol

Again like my morning routine, when it comes to nighttime skincare, I do switch a couple of other products once or twice a week, depending on my skins needs. Although, this bunch are my latest and regular loves.

Lixir – Electrogel Cleanser, a new brand and product to me, one which reminds me a little of Sanskrit Saponins from NIOD, although different in texture. This is a lightweight cream formula that cleanses whilst also detoxifying the skin, yet is suitable for all skin types and ages.

Containing ingredients including Shea Butter, Glycerine, plus Rosemary, Geranium, Sage and Rose oils, this cleansing emulsion includes a negatively charged electrogel, which gets right into the pores to deep cleanse and detox the skin. I work into my face and neck and leave on for a minute, and it removes makeup and oil/dirt residue, leaving skin totally clean, refreshed and bright. It’s a good product and I love the ingredients, although my sensitive skin can get a little red after use, so I stick to using a couple of times a week. A deep cleanser with good ingredients, that is worth trying for that brightened skin effect.

Alpha H – Liquid Gold 24 hr Moisture Repair Cream, for those of you that do not know Alpha H as a brand, Liquid Gold is their signature range of products containing Glycolic Acid, and fab for 30+ skins, especially sun worshippers. This repair cream contains ingredients including; Argan stem cells, Lactic and Glycolic acids, Hyaluronic acid, 24 carrot gold flakes and fruit oils. Housed in a hygienic pump format jar to protect the product.

I use it as a night cream (just 2 pumps after a double cleanse, nothing else). It renews, brightens, plumps and softens the skin overnight, and I really a notice a difference in my skins clarity and texture  the following morning. It is rather pricey (around £50), so I like to buy in a set to save the pennies when I can, but definitely a must have product in my stash.

Decleor Hydra Floral White Petal Sleep Mask + Perfecting Concentrate, containing the same Neroli Amara oil as above, plus other ingredients (see below), these products are designed to help reduce fine lines and dark spots, plus retuxturize and hydrate the skin.

The concentrate serum contains Sweet Orange oil, Pea extract, and Hyaluronic Acid, to brighten and refine the skin, plus Neroli Amara oil, along with Chamomile and Rose floral waters to help balance and hydrate. I have tried a few times in the day under my moisturiser, but it is recommended both day and night, so I need to try a little more. When I have used it, I notice a difference in the brightness of my skin and it felt a little more taught. I use it under the aromessence as it has a lighter viscosity, and these combined with Hydra Floral moisturiser, skin is left super hydrated.


The White Petal night mask is recommended to use 2-3 times a week, after night cleansing and on its own (so far I’ve only used a couple of times). It is a gel formula that is cooling and soothing on the skin, and smells amazing! Again containing the Neroli Amara oil, also Hyaluronic acid, Sweet orange oil and Chamomile to hydrate and brighten, plus Salicylic acid, Pea and Papaya extract to retexturise the skin.

Above, you should be able to see the encapsulated Vitamins B3 and C within the gel, which burst onto the skin as the product is massaged in, infusing the active ingredients. The below image shows the bright, hydrated skin surface after just 10 minutes on the back of my hand. I love this product, and think it will be an amazing overnight treatment for summer skin, to refine, brighten pigmentation and infuse skin with well needed hydration, especially after periods in the sun. I hope to report back on Instagram as I use it more over the next few months, so I will keep you updated.

Vis Viva – Retinyl + Frankincense Restorative Oil Serum, last but by definitely no means least, this reasonably new product is one I truly love to use at night. I was gifted it before Christmas, and first reviewed it in my November skincare post here. This product is UK made in small batches, has an oil/serum texture, a pinkish colour, plus it is a good size that lasts months, making it economical.

Being a gentle blend of Retinyl Palmitate blended with Boswellic acid, botanical oils, antioxidants, plus natural Vitamin E,  plus 2 types of Frankincense, Squalene and Cholesterol, this is really gentle on my sensitive skin. Just a few drops worked into the skin after nighttime cleansing, my skin is bright, re-texturised, and softened in the morning. It is such an easy product, ideal mainly for 40+ skins who want to use a form of Retinol that works, but is gentle and kind to the skin. If you want to give it a try (and I highly recommend), head to Vis Viva. I will soon be ordering more!

Well, there you go, I finally got this live after a week of health/life interruptions! All of these products I absolutely LOVE using, and almost all of them are/will be regulars in my skincare stash. I hope you enjoyed this post, and maybe found some new products that you feel your skin would love. Do let me know if you are a fan of any of these already as I would love to hear your thoughts, or, which ones have tickled your fancy to try!



Heidi x



*contains own products + one gifted sample.







  1. 18th April 2018 / 1:36 pm

    Amazing lineup, Heidi! Everything sounds so lush and fab, especially the Bobbi Brown bits. I picked up the Lixir cleaner and I’m really looking forward to use it – the science behind it is so intriguing – but I’m currently battling with a particularly persistent eczema and I don’t feel it’s the right time to try something new *eyeroll*.
    Xx, Beatrice

    Strawberry Makeup Bag

    • 20th April 2018 / 10:02 am

      Hi, thanks for popping over and so glad you enjoyed the post. Yes Bobbi Brown cleanser and multi-kit base are amazing. Sorry about your eczema flare up. I have sensitivity so am careful when I use the Lixir. It is a good product but sometimes skin just says ‘no’. Have you tried Pure Potions for your eczema?
      H x

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