Use. Love. Recycle. Repeat – & Disciple Product Empties

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Well guys, how good are you at recycling beauty products? I know some brand packaging is difficult to recycle, and it’s a job to know what to do with empties right? Well, we all need to do our bit for our planet, so in this post I am focusing on what I do with my empties, along with tips on how easy it is to recycle Disciple products, plus i’m sharing which ones I’m getting through super quick!

Use. Love. Recycle. Repeat.

Now I’m no fan of a 10-step skincare routine, I don’t want to overload my skin plus it’s a bit wasteful. I was brought up mainly by my Nan, who, after going through a war and living on rations, taught me not to be wasteful of so much in life. It’s something I feel many of us could do with learning these days! Did you know that around 120 billion units of packaging is produced by the global cosmetics industry each year? Shocking isn’t it, especially when over half of us as consumers are, apparently not recycling our beauty/bathroom packaging.

I have always tried to be conscious of my beauty waste disposal where poss, but upped my recycle game last year. I tend to collect all my empty beauty packaging in a large cotton shopper. When it’s full, I sort empties I cannot recycle myself, and take along to my local L’Occitane. They are partnered with TerraCycle®, and will take any brand and almost ALL beauty package waste for recycling. Except aerosols, and glass bottles/jars, as we can put glass in our recycling boxes for collection.

The good thing about sustainable brand Disciple London, is not only their clean and minimal approach to beauty, but also their product packaging is recyclable. No plastic tubs or bottles here, all products come in either green or brown glass, and the complete packaging can be taken apart easily in order to recycle correctly.

Watch Disciple’s ‘how-to recycle’ product packaging video here!

Stripped.. and ready to recycle

From my first brand ambassador care package a few months ago, I’ve already had 3 empties. A mini bottle of Dreamy Skin which I decided to recycle by re-filling with serum from a new full size, and given to my Mum (who is currently loving btw). A Juicy Mist bottle was already recycled post-holiday, and I purchased another bottle from Disciple (yes, I buy from the brand as well as receiving gifts!). I’ve just recently finished a Balancing Mist, but I then luckily received another care package from the brand. This is great as I have several products I am now running low on, and tbh, I can’t live without the majority of their products as I use them everyday! They keep my skin in check in so many ways…do take a look at my full post for more info, and to why I love them.

I am already getting through my 2nd Juicy Mist which it’s fabulous at hydrating my thirsty skin, plus the aroma is divine!

I’m also almost through my mini Good Skin and full-size Dreamy Skin (which I adore!), plus a few others are getting low.

Disciple don’t cram products full of unnecessary ingredients to overload the skin, they clinically test (not on animals), make their products in small batches, and when it comes to their package recycling, there is very minimal waste! The botanical range provides efficacy, and they focus on being kind to our environment.. as well as our skins. All of which makes me feel more passionate about using and promoting this sustainable brand, and why I’m happy to be an ambassador!

If you are looking for a more ethical beauty brand, I highly recommend Disciple London. PLUS.. if you want to try any of the products on their website, head over to my Instagram bio where you’ll find a discount code for 15% OFF your purchases! You’re welcome, enjoy..then recycle!



Heidi x




*Post contains gifted and purchased products

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